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Workfront Survey reveals stress relief is vital for UK marketing teams

UK marketers reveal top causes of workplace stress and what their employers can do to help 

According to new research released today by Workfront, the leading Enterprise Work Management solution, UK marketing professionals are facing a stress epidemic with over half (53%) currently working more than five hours of over-time per week. Of those surveyed, 71% confessed that they feel burnt out and two thirds (66%) expect their stress levels at work to increase in the near future. With these problems having a direct impact on work-life balance, morale and productivity, businesses need to act fast. This new report highlights the reasons behind this stress epidemic and what UK businesses can do to combat it.

Concerning for employers, 67% of marketing professionals feel that their work goes unrecognised. With lack of communication and not knowing what others are working on cited as the number-one pain point across the board for stressed marketers, it’s clear that businesses need to break down current silos, allowing people to engage more freely with senior staff members and see how their efforts impact the wider team.

With this report, marketers are making it clear to employers that their three main causes of stress are:

  • Excessive workloads and competing deadlines (60%)
  • Lack of communication and visibility into the work done by others on your team (52%)
  • Poor access to appropriate resources and information needed to complete work (41%).

Although workers in the marketing industry do appreciate stress-relieving perks, what they really want is for their employer to address the source of the problem. When asked how they would like their employer to remedy their stress, the top three reasons workers chose were:

  • Structures and tools to enable a good support system (39%)
  • More involvement in decision-making and more frequent contact with management (39%)
  • Professional training on how to productively structure your day (38%)


More streamlined processes can eliminate the need for unnecessary status meetings and give teams time back to be more productive. Workfront facilitates this and reduces stress by providing a single software tool, which allows marketers at all levels to collaborate and gain full visibility of the work being done. To find out more about how Workfront can help eliminate stress, visit

Additional Resources:

  • Read the full UK Workers: Stressed Over Worked Under Appreciated report
  • See the UK Workers: Stressed Over Worked Under Appreciated infographic

Jada Balster, EMEA Marketing Director for Workfront, commented:

“UK workers are making a clear call to their employers regarding their current levels of stress. With stress having the potential to decrease productivity and morale, it will come as a relief to UK businesses that their employees are also indicating these factors can be quickly remedied by their employer adopting the right processes and tools across the business.”

Balster continued:

“It’s down to UK businesses to take the right steps internally to address these issues in order to make teams less stressed and more productive. Whatever the causes of stress, more often than not there are simple steps businesses can take to streamline processes and boost efficiency, visibility, and collaboration. By helping your workforce to become less stressed, you give them the freedom to shine and do what they do best.”

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