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Workfront is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution that helps marketing, IT, and other enterprise teams conquer the chaos of excessive email, redundant status meetings, and disconnected tools. Unlike other tools, Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud is a centralized, easy-to-adopt solution for managing and collaborating on all types of work through the entire work lifecycle, which improves team productivity and executive visibility. Workfront is trusted by thousands of global enterprises, like, Cisco Systems, Comcast, iProspect, Schneider Electric and Trek. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @Workfront_Inc.

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Workfront Enables a Connected Enterprise with Launch of New Integration Platform, Workfront Fusion™

Workfront Fusion seamlessly connects critical enterprise processes and applications together

In an effort to enable teams and systems to seamlessly connect across the enterprise, Workfront®, the leading provider of cloud-based modern work management solutions, today announced the release of its new product, Workfront Fusion™.  Workfront Fusion is a powerful integration platform that enables Workfront customers to easily connect over 100 common business applications to its work management application platform. Because Workfront Fusion is codeless and flexible, customers can minimize the cost associated with building, maintaining, and supporting integrations.

“Workfront Fusion ignites the full power of the Workfront enterprise application platform for modern work management by connecting the most critical processes and applications with Workfront,” said Steven ZoBell, chief technology and product officer of Workfront. “Now teams can easily connect productivity applications, financial systems, service management and more to workflows in Workfront enabling a broad spectrum of data transfer, reporting and operational excellence in the seams of the business.”

As enterprises grapple with pressure from digital transformation, Workfront’s work management platform is becoming the operational system of record — giving executives the ability to track, measure, and coordinate the actual work and resources driving major initiatives. By enabling Workfront to easily integrate other systems and tools, Workfront Fusion breaks down silos and helps modern businesses execute excellence by:

  • Being Flexible — Teams have more control over configuring their integrations and integration needs can be tailored to meet business processes.
  • Going Faster — Teams can respond with agility to both business processes and integration changes. This increases the speed to act and reduces costs — ultimately driving efficiency and positively affecting the bottom line.
  • Boosting Productivity — Teams no longer have to spend countless hours replicating data and manually synchronizing information between multiple systems. This frees up time to do actual value-add work and increases productivity.

A major market-leading international retailer, located in the United States, is already experiencing the benefits of Workfront Fusion. The brand is empowering its more than 1,100 marketers to be more productive because Workfront is the operational system of record for the company and ignites greater efficiency through the modern work management platform by connecting critical applications, including ServiceNow and LinkGen with Workfront Fusion. Because applications are able to seamlessly interact with Workfront, teams no longer need to duplicate data from one application to another in order for all information related to work to be captured inside of Workfront. Workfront Fusion gives teams the power to do that.

With Workfront, the company has complete project visibility and the data to pivot quickly. Now with Workfront Fusion, off-the-shelf and custom solutions supporting the development of marketing content can flow into or out of Workfront through seamless code-free, integration and has eliminated up to 50 hours of redundant work a week.

Visit our website for more information on how Workfront Fusion is enabling a seamless and connected enterprise at

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Innovation Gap: British Workers Want to Innovate, but Work Gets in the Way

A report released today by Workfront ®, the first modern work management application platform, finds that while a majority of workers say their workplace regularly asks them to innovate, a full 65 per cent say they’re so swamped with day-to-day work that they don’t have time to think about the future. And this work is important […]

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