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Midlands father takes on epic obstacle course to raise funds for five-year old autistic son

Looking after a child with severe autism is by no means easy, and when two parents from Northfield in Birmingham found out about a revolutionary treatment in America, which could help their five year old autistic son, Jacob, they knew they had to give it a go. However, with treatment costing £13,000, they set about raising the funds. Since then Paul and Christine Checkley have been putting on cake sales and raffles and Paul has just completed The Royal British Legion Major Series, a 10k obstacle course in Alcester, Warwickshire, all to raise the necessary funds.

Paul, 35, and his wife Christine, 36, currently run a part time programme at home and Jacob has his own dedicated playroom for them to work with him every day on a one to one basis. Paul commented:

The Son-Rise programme in America is the only alternative autism therapy which we believe will help our little boy. It is a child centred program and unlike other therapies, the program is built on love and acceptance of a child’s differences and challenges. Instead of trying to change the child we try to join them in their own little world and build a trusting relationship strong enough to encourage them to come back into our world and want to interact with us.

The parents are hoping to send Jacob to the Autism treatment Centre of America in America in Western Massachusetts in February 2017 for an intensive Son-Rise course, which will not only provide Jacob with eight hours of therapy each day but will also give the parents the guidance, counseling and additional training to push their home based programme to the next level.

To help raise funds for the trip, Paul, along with two of his friends, has just completed a 10k obstacle course at Ragley Hall in Alecester, Warwickshire, known as The Royal British Legion Major Series. At the event, Paul commented:

The course was challenging but great fun with loads of different and unique obstacles. The whole way round I was thinking of Jacob and how much this treatment could help him and it spurred me on to the end! So far, we have raised £2,500 for the trip and are going to continue to take on challenges and put on events to raise the rest, as we truly believe it will change his life.

To donate to their cause, please visit:

For more information about the Major Series, please visit

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