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0203137290 launches ‘Get A Break Rate’ to save iso-couples everywhere

The limited-time deal offers a 50% discount to those needing some precious ‘me time’ post pandemic  

  • Nearly three quarters (67%) of Brits living with a flatmate, partner or family member, are ‘so done’ with their cohabiters after months of lockdown together
  • Untidiness (44%) hogging the TV (25%), using annoying catchphrases (21%) and having no space for ‘me time’ (45%) are top tedious habits reported by lovers in lockdown
  • Being able to enjoy the silence (26%), watch anything on TV (31%), eat whatever food you want (21%) and listen to your own music (14%) are the things people are excited about post lockdown
  • Frustrated lovers, rowing flat mates and feuding family members can now bag the exclusive Get A Break Rate by using coupon code GETABREAK50 on 30th June

UK, 30th June:® is offering some sweet relief to the couples, family members and friends in need of a little ‘me, myself and I’ time, after research found that 67% admitted to being ‘so done’ with their cohabiters after months of living on top of each other.

The exclusive ‘Get A Break Rate’, is 50% off a one-night hotel stay, and comes complete with a TV remote control that obeys you and only you and a lovely bathroom, that importantly has not been cleaned by you!

Even though spending time with your loved ones is dreamy, after several months of isolation together and a few ‘sense of humour failure’ moments, there will be people in desperate need of a night alone. New research reveals that nearly a quarter (23%) iso-couples admitted that it only took a week for their partners to start irritating them!

Bae might be the love of their lives, but more than two thirds (73%) of people living with their partner during lockdown found their other half more annoying than usual. Topping the list of biggest annoyances was:

  1. Not being able to find space away from them for some ‘me time’ (45%)
  2. Untidiness (44%)
  3. Not cleaning (30%)
  4. Hogging the TV (20%)
  5. Using annoying catchphrases – yes “we’re in unprecedented times!” (20%)

The data reveals couples have resorted to various measures to relax and steal some time away, with sneaking out for another non-essential walk (41%), staring aimlessly at their phones (27%), scrolling through social media (20%) and having a tipple of…well anything alcoholic (24%) topped the list.

When asked about going away, respondents are ready for just one night by themselves, with a luxurious hotel room (31%) topping the list as the preferred option, followed by having the house to themselves (27%) or a hotel/vacation rental in the middle of nowhere (16%).

Nearly a third (27%) of Millennials confessed to being tempted by their inner-rebel to break lockdown rules – apparently the threat of government sanction is more appealing than yet another round of ‘shall we rearrange the kitchen cupboard?’.

It’s not just couples tearing their hair out, over three-fourths (77%) of 20-somethings admit to feeling frustrated with their flat mates. The top way to ruin the house chill was, annoying and messy cooking habits (60%), constant deliveries from unnecessary internet shopping’ (40%) and turning into a different person on noisy video calls (31%) – “NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR DOG AGAIN SHARON. Two thirds (66%) of Millennials even admitted they considered trading their housemate for someone else during lockdown…bye Felicia.

With lockdown forcing over two-thirds (69%) young people to stay with or retreat back to their families, it’s no surprise that tensions have crept into family homes too. The regular screeching sound of ‘MUM, GET OUT OF MY ROOM’ will be all too familiar for families around the country by now. While millennials found the lack of personal space and ‘me time’ (52%) a major issue, the 45+ year olds were fed up with having untidy house guests (47%), laziness around the house (42%) and relentless remote hogging from reality TV obsessed family members (37%).

Emma Tagg, Senior Global Brand Communications Manager, brand says, “After months of isolation, it’s clear that #couplegoals has been ‘put on ice’ in favour of staring into space pretending your other half’s third obnoxious Zoom call of the day isn’t happening. We’re here with the Get a Break Rate to help all fed up lovers, flatmates and fams get out of the house for a night before returning to their loved ones with a refreshed feeling of zen.”

On hand to resurrect #metime, is launching the Get A Break Rate from June 30th, giving frazzled partners, friends and families a night of peace and quiet – as soon as it is safe for them to do so. Simply use the coupon code GETABREAK50 on on 30th June for a one-night hotel stay. More info here: has even released a ‘Get A Break’ Spotify playlist to channel that inner zen when you do finally escape for some ‘me time’. Check it out here:


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