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Leading military fitness provider takes popular classes from the park to the office

British Military Fitness (BMF) is taking its popular fitness classes from the park to the workplace this month, with the announcement of a major expansion of its corporate offering. The UK’s leader in outdoor fitness, who already counts Travis Perkins, Wickes, Blacks and Heathrow among its clients, will be expanding its concept of fun filled fitness sessions led by military trained instructors by taking sessions into workplaces across the country, in a mission to get the UK’s workforce fit and healthy.

  • With a recent study in the US showing that almost nine in 10 (89%) employees believe that taking part in workplace wellness programmes improves their overall wellbeing and happiness, the new BMF corporate offering will see the company creating bespoke packages based on the shift patterns of a company’s employees, the environment they work in and their budget
  • With BMF helping to source a location for the classes, inspiring employees to take part and organizing the schedule and sessions, the company is making it easier than ever for employers to make a major contribution to the health and wellbeing of their workforce
  • One company that is already reaping the benefits of British Military Fitness’ corporate classes is Travis Perkins
  • The builder’s merchant and home improvement retailer, which has its headquarters in Northampton, has seen massive improvements not only in the health and fitness of its employees, but has also in staff morale
  • As well as two classes a week, corporate partners can also benefit from regular health checks and fitness assessments, allowing employees to track their progress as their health and fitness changes over time
  • To find out more about British Military Fitness’ corporate offering go to:


Carol Kavanagh, Group HR Director at Travis Perkins commented:

We‘ve been amazed at the significant improvements to overall levels of our employees’ health and fitness. One of the other unexpected upsides has been the huge positive impact on team building, as individuals who don’t normally work together join up with a common goal, and have some fun on the way as well.

Norman Bell, Group Strategy and IT Director, added:

For the company, the activities delivered by BMF have worked very well at bringing people together, while the regular health checks provide a focus for everyone to share progress. For Travis Perkins, the initiative has been a real success.

Dean Adamson, Corporate Operations Manager at British Military Fitness, commented:

With the UK more health conscious than ever before, it has never been more vital for employers to get on board with supporting the health and wellbeing of their employees. Exercise is proven to have a host of benefits for both physical and mental wellbeing, and bringing fitness into the workplace is a great way to boost employee’s morale and encourage camaraderie and teamwork amongst staff, something that all employers should be looking to encourage.

While many employers want to do more to support their employees’ wellbeing, many still struggle with knowing where to start in offering their support and getting staff to buy into corporate wellness programs. Our corporate partnership program aims to take the stress away, by offering our partners a full service from start to finish – from sourcing a location to inspiring staff to take part and tracking the progress made – making it easier than ever before for employers to support the wellbeing of their staff.

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