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Turo is a car sharing marketplace where travellers can rent any car they want, wherever they want it, from a vibrant community of local car owners. Travellers choose from a totally unique selection of nearby cars, while car owners earn extra money and help fuel their adventures.

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The Turo Digital Newsroom is a simple and useful resource for you to keep track of all the latest news stories. High resolution images and complete press releases are available to download from here, and you can connect with our various social media profiles easily. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Contact Details

Liana Bignall & Lareece Blenman
Manifest London
t. +44 (0)203 1379 270
e. turo@manifest.london


Turo Case Studies

UK Case Study

Niklas Andersson, London

Niklas (30) has been a host on Turo since November 2018 and he has earned £2,466 by completing 29 trips with his Audi TT (2010). Niklas’ car is available for £57 per day. With the earnings he has made he has been able to pay off the leasing deal on the Audi, and is now saving to upgrade to a newer model. He’s also reached ‘All-Star Host’ level as a host, which is one of the best-performing on the app.

Niklas Anderson commented: “I purchased the Audi to fulfil a childhood dream, but it spends a lot of time sitting idle when I’m working. I could be racking up costs from insurance tax, parking, MOT, depreciation and interest on loans, but with Turo I can counteract all of these. My car now sits on my driveway at no cost at all. It’s been a game-changer that I can earn money with it very easily. I’ve been able to pay off the leasing deal on it, and am now saving to upgrade to a newer model. I also like knowing that people are getting enjoyment out of it and putting it to good use.”

Find Niklas’ Audi on Turo here:


Scottish Case Study

Charlie, Edinburgh

Charlie has been trialling Turo in Scotland ahead of launch with his Mini Cooper and has had success as a host. In March in earned more than £400 through Turo, and he’s earned £1,666 from 16 trips since listing his car. His Mini Cooper is available for £49 per day. He’s also reached ‘All-Star Host’ level as a host, which is one of the best-performing on the app.

Charlie commented: “I never thought I’d be able to make money from my car! It’s given me a boost of financial freedom without any hassle. The platform is very flexible, which means I can choose when I want to share it, and I feel secure knowing every trip is insured through Turo. Drivers who don’t have their own car can also choose from hundreds of cars, I’ve even considered switching out my Mini Cooper for a weekend and taking a classic car for a ride.”

Find Charlie’s Audi on Turo here: https://turo.com/gb/rentals/cars/edinburgh/mini-cooper/503438

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