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Turo takes the low road and arrives in Scotland

World’s leading peer-to-peer car-sharing app accelerates expansion into Scotland off the back of demand

Setting out to put Scotland’s 2.9 million* cars to better use, and unlock a new earning stream for Scottish drivers, peer-to-peer car sharing app Turo has launched in the north today, bringing a 10 million-strong community with it.

Revolutionising the economics of car ownership and travel, Turo is pioneering the sharing economy with its unique marketplace proposition. Through the app, owners (hosts) can let out their cars and earn money in the process. Non-car owners (guests) can take their pick from over 150 vehicles listed in Scotland at launch and 2,000 across the UK, fully insured by Allianz.

Hosts currently span 10 Scottish towns and cities, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife and Dumfries, with the app’s most remote user located out in Thurso with one of eighty-six Toyota GT86 ever made. Based on growth to date in the UK, Turo predicts its footprint in Scotland will rise to 1k cars this year alone.

Turo crossed the pond and launched in London last September followed by Manchester in December. The company’s expansion into Scotland is the next step in its ambitious growth plans. In January, Turo acquired 80,000 seasoned hosts and users from easyCar Club backed by Sir Stelios, which played a pivotal part in its growth strategy.

Since its inception, there have been over 25,000 searches for cars in Scotland from Turo’s community, with (16%) of these coming from the US, and the rest from within the UK. In March the US represented 35% of searches for Scotland – proof of how much of a pull the Highlands are across the pond.

Xavier Collins, Turo Director of UK, commented:

“There’s strong organic demand for Turo in Scotland, particularly with travellers in the US, and a lot of this comes down to all the adventures to be had in the Highlands. Whether you’re driving between Edinburgh and Glasgow for the day or venturing into the wilderness, there’s the perfect vehicle for your next adventure on hand.”

Goldmines in garages

The average car owner earns £130 per trip on Turo, and more than £500 a month, with these earnings being paid direct to hosts within 30 minutes after a trip ends. Drivers who list cars sitting idle for five days a month can earn approximately £7,800 a year – enough to cover typical repayments, road tax and insurance.

Xavier Collins said:

“Nearly three quarters of households in Scotland have access to one or more cars, and a quarter own two or more, so there’s a big earning opportunity for Scots in today’s post-ownership society. We’re proud to be the platform that can free them up.”

Cars with character

Scots who don’t own cars, or are looking to upgrade their day-to-day ride for a trip can use the app to book rides like a Mini Cooper for as little as £24 a day. At the top end, a Land Rover Defender is available for £114 per day and a Ferrari 360 Spider for £350 per day.

Drivers can choose from over 850 characterful makes and models, ranging from reliable family rides and classic motors to sporty racers and electric vehicles. There’s even a DeLorean on the platform.

Scots sending sharing economy surging

A testament to the high demand for the peer-to-peer service, Edinburgh is the second most searched city on Turo in the UK, with Glasgow coming in fifth. Recent research carried out by Turo exploring the rise of the sharing economy revealed that one in four Brits believe the era of ownership is coming to an end.

“At Turo we’re seeing thousands of new drivers joining our marketplace every month, and ten times as many people are booking cars through the app since we launched in the UK last September. Flexibility, greater choice, variety and convenience are a big draw for those booking trips” Collins continued.

One of the most popular cars sold in Scotland is the Vauxhall Corsa, which is also one of the highest performing cars on Turo in terms of host earnings. In addition, statistics from last year also peg Scotland as leading the electric car revolution, and on average hosts on Turo can earn £560 per month if they share theirs.

Collins finished: “There are thousands of cars across the UK collecting dust in garages or parked on the side of the road. We’re setting out to put the world’s one billion cars to better use, and with 31.3 million in the UK alone, there is a real opportunity for the sharing economy to build a smarter future, so we hope Scots will get involved in the movement.”  

Each and every car listed on Turo benefits from fully comprehensive insurance cover provided by Allianz. To qualify to be listed, cars must have been purchased since 2009.

Cars already making money on Turo in Scotland:

  1. William’s 2014 BMW 1 Series – £50/day (Edinburgh)
  2. Adam’s 2016 Vauxhall Corsa – £49/day (Glasgow)
  3. Charlie’s 2017 Mini Cooper – £49/day (Edinburgh)
  4. Constantin’s 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class – £105/day (Bathgate)
  5. Oluf’s 2015 Jeep Renegade – £41/day (Edinburgh)
  6. Andrew’s 2015 Volkswagen Up! – £34/day (Dundee)
  7. Farhadur’s 2012 BMW 3 Series – £45/day (Edinburgh)
  8. Matt’s 2015 Toyota GT86 – £65/day (Thurso)
  9. Jack’s 2014 Land Rover Defender – £114/day (Edinburgh & Glasgow)
  10. Ecosse EV’s 2016 Tesla Model S – £200/day (Edinburgh)
  11. Cramond’s 2006 Aston Martin DB9 – £350/day (Edinburgh)
  12. Margaret’s 2017 BMW I3 – £75/day (Edinburgh & Glasgow)

Drivers can book a ride with Turo and enjoy £20 off your first trip this year using the discount code: SCOTLAND30.

Discover Turo at www.turo.com or on iPhone or Android.



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