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Top down with Turo: Summer in style with these five convertibles

Convertible rides available through Turo for as little as £35 a day 

There’s a certain romance and thrill that comes with dropping the top of a car and driving with the wind in your hair. This summer, having the freedom of channeling your inner Grace Kelly or James Bond is no longer limited to just convertible owners.

Up and down the UK, drivers can take their pick from over 65 convertibles on Turo, the leading peer-to-peer car sharing app, for as little as £35 a day. There’s even a near lookalike to the one Kelly and Sinatra themselves hopped in when filming ‘High Society’ – now that’s as glamorous as it gets. All that’s left is to grab a pair of shades, smear on some SPF and get the map out.

Whether zipping off on a romantic break in the countryside or getting behind the wheel for a road-trip adventure, this pick of five convertibles will upgrade reliable family 4x4s, even if it’s just for a day. Turo host and seasoned Mercedes C-Class convertible driver Niketta Postlethwaite has also shared her tips for putting the top down in style:

  1. Practice opening and closing the top before you set off anywhere
  2. Roll the windows up when your crank the gears up to stop yourself from getting too windswept. Bird’s nest hair isn’t the best look!
  3. It might seem obvious, but avoid using the windscreen wipers when the top is up to avoid getting sprayed with soapy water
  4. Avoid pulling a James Bond and putting the top up or down whilst driving along
  5. Remember to put the top down when you leave the car to secure valuables and debris getting in while you’re away

Five drop tops on Turo

For Grace Kelly lookalikes: Porsche 356 Speedster – £295 per day

Take this iconic 1950s classic on an unforgettable romantic weekender in the countryside. Pack a headscarf or smoking jacket to complete the look.

For mini adventures: 2010 Mini Cooper – £41 per day / £35 per day if booked for 7 days

Feel sporty as you road-trip through the hills in this Mini Cooper. It’s made for small country roads and zipping around busy cities.

For stylish summers: 2017 Mercedes C-Class – £85 per day

The sun will glint off this C-Class convertible when you take it for a spin. Roll the top down and make it’s engine do the work.

For a city road-trip: BMW 1 Series 2010 – £56 per day

Mapping out a city break with friends? Climb into this convertible BMW with ease.

For old-school petrolheads: Jaguar E-Type 1970 – £595 per day

Pack a picnic basket and drive into the horizon buckled up in this stunning hot red Jaguar from the 1970s.

To list your car or rent one through Turo, simply download the Turo app on Android or visit or iOS www.turo.com.

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