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People use Truecaller to stay ahead. It helps them know who’s getting in touch, filter out unwanted calls and messages and focus on what really matters. The company provides a suite of unique services such as a dialer that offers caller ID, spam detection, messaging and more. Truecaller’s mission is to build trust everywhere by making communication safe and efficient. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company was founded in 2009 by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Investors include Sequoia Capital, Atomico and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers.

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Phone rings at 7pm? Probably a spam caller

New research by Truecaller reveals the UK is being hit harder than ever by spam calls

The UK is being hit harder than ever by scammers and 7pm is the time we’re most likely to be hit by a spam call, in data revealed from leading caller ID and spam blocking app Truecaller.

In a study that looked at both independent data and anonymously aggregated data from incoming calls that either has been marked as spam by users or automatically been flagged by Truecaller, the data also showed:

  • Despite popular belief, 18-24-year-olds are now 75% more likely to be scammed than those over the age of 55, as scammers increasingly use texts and WhatsApp messages via mobile and tablet
  • Brits receive over 10 nuisance calls or texts a month and spend on average over two and a half hours a month dealing with spam calls and texts – that’s over a whole day a year
  • Over 3.4 million people (1 in 10) have been affected by phone scams, with the average loss being over £17 – this equates to nearly £58million
  • 1 in 10 of us have received a cold call while on the toilet
  • Due to cold callers, 63% of Brits have missed an important phone call, of which 37% have missed a call from a hospital doctor or primary care, 26% have missed work and 10% have missed a call from an unwell relative
  • The biggest trend from the research reveals that 69% of people who lost money as part of a scam didn’t report it, resulting in the true levels of scams being unknown and more prevalent in the UK than currently reported
  • Telemarketing tops the chart for spam calls and insurance calls such as PPI fall close behind

Nick Larsson, Head of Growth & Partnerships at Truecaller commented:

“Although the government has started to take action our data shows that more is needed to tackle the problem since nuisance calls are on the rise in the UK. And it’s just as Brits sit down to watch Emmerdale and a cup of tea that spammers strike, because they know that’s when you’re most likely to be home.

Brits spend on average over two and a half hours a month dealing with spam calls and texts, that’s more than most people spend on the phone to their own parents!

If you’re ever unsure, don’t risk calling back – Truecaller gives you a chance to check the top reported spam number in your area right now. You can also see caller IDs even if the number is not stored in your phonebook”.

Ways to counter spammers

More than 300-million people around the world are using Truecaller to see caller IDs and know who’s calling, even if the number is not stored in their phonebook. This app also enables users to block calls as well as SMS and report spam callers and messages, allowing the larger community of users to avoid the spammers too.

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