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Social Media in Recruitment: Chemistry says keep up or lose out.

The Chemistry Group is all for social media within recruitment. Here’s why…

There’s no doubt that social media has been taken on by most industries by now and recruitment is no different, with daily posts about new jobs or how to be a better leader helping people make career choices and changes. Gareth Jones at The Chemistry Group has looked into the best uses for social media within the recruitment industry:

1. Finding people – social media makes people visible in a way that they were not before. In amongst the personal things, people are sharing their professional views and expertise, which makes them accessible to a company, as the hiring organisation.

2. Benchmarking expertise – the CV can hide a multitude of sins whereas an individual’s ongoing conversations on social media are more transparent. From these interactions companies can get a good idea of how the individual’s peers rate that individual which can act as a good indicator of overall competence.

3. Connecting and building talent pools – social media has the potential to deliver the holy grail of recruiting – real time talent pooling. Up until now the idea of building talent pools was fundamentally flawed due to the fact they were just too hard to administer and keep fresh. Social media changes all that. It provides a real time, sticky and accessible environment within which you can find, track and build relationships with potential new hires.


Gareth Jones, Chemistry Group’s Head of Fresh commented:

“Social media creates the opportunity to move from a relatively reactive (and terribly inefficient) recruitment landscape – where organisations post ads and applicants respond – to a more proactive, sourcing based approach where recruiters will have the ability to seek out and find the individuals they need, keep in touch with them and being them into a conversation about a role at the company at just the right time.”

When thinking about using social media, recruitment companies should always consider the legal issues that may come with it.

Gareth continued:

“Ultimately, despite the hype, the legal issues remain the same in recruitment as they always have. Social media doesn’t change the law. But as another medium, given the access to an individual’s personal information and life, we need to be careful we don’t get sucked into reading too much into anything that appears about a person on social media sites. “

“There is a temptation by recruiters to snoop a bit deeper than they should and as a result make judgment calls about people based on their personal activities and preferences. Doing so could mean you fall foul of existing law including, for example, discrimination.”

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