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IQ is not a silver bullet.

Statement from Roger Philby, CEO of business consultancy The Chemistry Group.

Boris Johnson has hit the headlines yet again with his comments that true economic equality is unattainable because of differences in IQ. He goes on to say that tackling inequality is futile because people are “already very far from equal in raw ability”. Unfortunately, Boris is mistakenly suggesting IQ is a silver bullet when considering how to solve Britain’s woes. He calls upon society to help the 2% in the country with IQs over 130 as if that will somehow make everything ok again.

And therein lies the problem, Boris suggests the top boardroom earners have got where they are via their “natural, god-given talent”. However, IQ is not a reliable measure of performance or behaviour. It is particularly meaningless if the said individuals have misplaced values. Of what benefit is it to society if we assist high IQ individuals who value greed and the ruthless pursuit of profit over everything else?

What is more helpful is for organisations to clearly define and outline what talent they need; to identify ‘what good looks like’ for them. It’s unlikely you’d get many listing greed as a desirable characteristic. Organisations mistakenly believe they need individuals within their company that have a high IQ in order to be successful. If you dig a little deeper, what you will notice amongst the highest performers of any company is the variations in not only IQ, but also intellect, behaviour, values and motivations. Boris is right in one respect, there is an IQ inequality, but set against the bigger picture of who will be successful in life, it is an invalid and misleading indicator.

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