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Chemistry's intent is to create opportunities for everyone to be brilliant at work. We deliver innovative, practical people change across the world for an ever expanding list of amazing clients.

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Incite the Intrapreneur in your workforce: Give your staff the opportunity to be brilliant

The Chemistry Group, experts in solving people problems in large businesses, has developed a 3-pronged approach to the question of Intrapreneurship as a force for invention, innovation, development and growth within large companies.

An intraprenuer is essentially an “inside” entrepreneur, who is given the freedom, financial and cultural support to develop new systems, services and products within a large company, thereby breaking the mood of complacency that can settle over big organisations.

Based upon their ethos to “give everyone the opportunity to be brilliant at work”, The Chemistry Group has outlined 3 ways in which Intrapreneurship can be advantageous to your company:

  1. Fostering an intrapreneurship means that employers can harness an individual’s entrepreneurial streak within the framework of a larger system. Intrapreneurs can work creatively and independently, but with a constant focus upon the greater needs of the company.
  2. Intrapreneurs can provide a boost of innovation and inventiveness into established companies that have hit a wall in terms of development and growth. These individuals bring unique ideas and skills to the business they are attached to and can be utilised according to their particular strengths.
  3. A good intraprenuer will be someone who embodies the traits of a traditional entrepreneur, with the desire to channel their talents according to the needs and aims of a large company.
To read more about these suggestions download the full press release below.


The Chemistry Group’s Lead Consultant Catherine Adam said:

“CEOs will put financial or technical strategies high on their agenda, but tend to leave their people and talent strategies to their HR department. By placing the People strategies higher up the agenda they would seriously increase the bottom line of their business, far more than their financial and technical strategies do.”

Download the full press release and high resolution images below.

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