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Chemistry's intent is to create opportunities for everyone to be brilliant at work. We deliver innovative, practical people change across the world for an ever expanding list of amazing clients.

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Gamification is the future of business

The Chemistry Group, experts in solving people problems in large businesses are at the forefront of the recent trend of applying gamification to the world of business and recruiting. 

When asked to think of video game players, or as they are known in the industry ‘gamers’ most will call upon stereotypical un-showered recluses holed up in a dark, dingy basements facing a screen all night surrounded by empty energy drink cans. Step into 2012 and video games have a new place of purpose in the organised world of business. The Chemistry Group have utilised the passion for gaming and created its own unique hiring tool in the form of a profiling video game for Telefonica, O2.

Gamification, as this trend is known as, can be summarised as applying the mechanics of gaming to non-game activities. This concept can be applied in various scenarios, from recruiting new staff to increasing productivity in the workplace.

The Chemistry Group’s gamification of the O2 recruitment process led to:

  • Saving the resourcing team 126.5 days. Instead of flipping through thousands of CVs, the game helped separate high performance candidates from those who might not be suitable for the job.
  • The success rate at face-to-face interviews was 40%, up from 25% prior to the launch of the game.
To read more about these suggestions download the full press release below.


The Chemistry Group’s head of product strategy Gareth Jones said:

“Game mechanics or ‘gamification’ is the word on everyone’s lips right now but in essence it’s about appealing to our innate attraction to reward and competition. Building these elements into business processes can not only significantly increase overall engagement but they can transform the results of the process too as exampled by O2. In this case in particular it also has the benefit of getting insight beyond the CV, the basis of which is ultimately the least accurate predictor of success in role.”

Download the full press release and high resolution images below.

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