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Chemistry's intent is to create opportunities for everyone to be brilliant at work. We deliver innovative, practical people change across the world for an ever expanding list of amazing clients.

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Five things you never knew would increase an organisation’s bottom line

The Chemistry Group, experts in solving people problems in large businesses, has compiled a list of five things you never knew would improve your organisation’s bottom line. By keeping employees happy and healthy, these simple suggestions are key to improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. 

  • Nutrition– maintaining blood sugar levels keeps staff focused throughout the day
  • Open work environment– helps stimulate and inspire workers to achieve their full potential
  • Interactive processes– facilitates communication between staff
  • Hierarchy– a non-hierarchical office structure enables staff to share their opinions and ideas openly
  • A video game– is an innovative way to save a lot of time vetting job applicants
To read more about these suggestions download the full press release below.


Lorraine Makepeace, Chemistry Group’s Head of Amazing, said:

“It’s not enough for us to have a mission statement of ‘We give everyone the opportunity to be brilliant at work’; we have to truly mean it. A brightly coloured, clean, open working environment has been proven to stimulate and inspire workers, helping them to achieve their full potential.”

Simon Cooper, The Chemistry Group’s Director, commented:

“For us professionalism is about empathy, taking care to understand how the other person wants to be communicated with and engaging in that way.”

Roger Philby, Founder and CEO of The Chemistry Group commented:

“Giving people opportunities to be brilliant can start with making sure your recruitment process hires those people who will thrive in your organisation, or re-energising and developing the great people you already have to be brilliant every day. Having the very best people in the very best place in your organisation is not rocket science, but it might be chemistry.”

Roger Philby, Chemistry Group’s Founder and CEO added:

“I noticed in 2010 that we always started the year in greater shape, pipeline wise, than we finished.  We analysed it and polled our staff – simply put, they were tired, overworked and eating badly while on the run. They were going like the clappers in the first half of the year and drained in the second. The impact of the nutrition programme is that we now have a pipeline of £4m rather than the £2m it was before we started the programme.”

Download the full press release and high resolution images below.

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