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Chemistry's intent is to create opportunities for everyone to be brilliant at work. We deliver innovative, practical people change across the world for an ever expanding list of amazing clients.

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Company Culture is the Secret to Retaining Staff

Roger Philby , CEO of business consultancy The Chemistry Group shares his thoughts on retaining staff through company culture

Having a desirable brand relies on having a distinct culture, which in turn relies on having a set of values that people can be measured against and rewarded for, in the right way. The ‘right way’, of course depends on the culture of the business and the shared motivations of the employees. Benefits both reward and reinforce the culture. And this matters, because if you get this right, then your people will stay.

This year, Fortune crowned Google the winner of ‘Best Companies to Work For’ for the fourth year running. It is hardly surprising then, to hear that upon announcing a 6,000 new jobs they received 75,000 applications in one week.

So why is Google such a desirable place to work?

The first reason is simply because they have a strong culture, which their employees live, breath and work by. As a result, the behaviour of the employees create a desirable employee brand for external candidates to buy into. Candidates who share that share the same motivations and interests, as the current employees will naturally want a slice of the environment, the work ethic and ultimately the action.

The common theme, you will see running through Fortune’s 100 best companies is that the employee brand is more than a set of statements or words, it is a culture built by what happens in the business, how people behave and what people say, from top down.

At The Chemistry Group, our values are the cornerstone of our culture. Our three values are Brave, Passionate and Human and our intent is to give every employee the opportunity to be brilliant at work. Every employee understands the significance of our values and more importantly live these values day in, day out.  We use them to inform the way we behave with each other and our clients. The leadership team have created an easy way for everyone in the business to reward one another for being brilliant at work and we define brilliant as living these values.

The balance of reward and recognition is most effective when it feeds into the company’s purpose and the employees motivation for contributing to that purpose. If you are being rewarded for something you don’t believe in, it’s unlikely to make you feel good and want to stay. Likewise, if you’re rewarded with something that doesn’t motivate you, the impact and meaning is lost. Companies that are in touch with their people tend to get this right.

The Chemistry Group is a business consultancy with a proven track record in driving rapid top line growth through behaviour change. With a unique approach to talent management, talent mapping, succession planning and predictive assessment of workplace performance; The Chemistry Group deploys bespoke organisational solutions that deliver measurable top line growth in some of the biggest British companies, including Vodafone, O2 Telefonica and Harrods.


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