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The Challenger Sales Model: You’re Doing It Wrong!

The Chemistry Group takes the Challenger Sales Model to task

The Chemistry Group, the only consulting firm specialising in rapid top-line growth through behavioural change in large companies, has published a new white paper titled The Challenges of Challenger. The study is an evaluation and a constructive critique of the assumptions and conclusions of the landmark research undertaken by the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), which culminated in the book, The Challenger Sale, by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson. The Challenger Sale was born out of the observation that in spite of the recent global credit crunch, some sales reps were still successfully selling whilst others struggled. The research, involving more than 6,000 sales reps, set out to identify the characteristics high performers, concluding there are five profiles:

  • The Hard Worker
  • The Relationship Builder
  • The Lone Wolf
  • The Reactive Problem Solver
  • The Challenger

Dixon and Adamson showed that nearly 40% of all high performers have challenger profiles with common attributes – ability to teach, tailor and take control – and suggested ways for organisations to entrench the challenger sales model within their teams. In implementing the Challenger Sales Model itself and through its own extensive research with thousands of sales reps and business leaders, The Chemistry Group believes there are several limitations to the model in practice. The Challenges of Challenger white paper suggests:

  • There is confusion amongst sales leaders about implementing the model and recruiting individuals with challenger archetypes
  • Not everyone has the propensity to become a challenger
  • There is a misperception amongst sale leaders about which challenger behaviours are innate and which can be learned
  • There is a misleading notion that an organisation’s entire sales force should consist entirely of challengers
  • There are other essential components in predicting the attributes of a high performer
  • The Intellect, Values, Motivations, Behaviours and Experience of an organisation’s sales reps are instrumental in measuring the potential and capability of its sales force
  • Companies can change their hiring process by understanding ‘What Good Looks Like’ (WGLL) for their own organisation
  • Current hiring techniques are preventing organisations from taking on high performers
  • Reasons why current challenger development programmes continue to fail
  • How to successfully implement challenger development programmes into your workforce

Roger Philby, CEO of The Chemistry Group said:

“The Challenger Sales Model is one of the most referenced and implemented approaches in the modern sales industry and in the most part we wholeheartedly agree with its direction and aim. However, our work with sales reps in large organisations has exposed us to the high degrees of confusion and misunderstanding within sales teams about what a challenger is and how they can develop a legion of challengers. This white paper adds The Chemistry Group’s expertise in behaviour change and business consultancy to bolster and clarify some of the principles of The Challenger Sales Model. Our conclusions and suggestions may seem radical to some organisations but our track record of delivering top-line growth in some of the UK’s largest companies speaks for itself.”

To read The Challengers of Challenger in full  access all parts of the white paper here:


Download provided hi resolution images below.

Media contacts: HR media: Kay Phelps, director, PRinHR, M: 07710 043244; Neil Hallmark, Associate Director or Julian Obubo, Account Executive, Manifest : 0203 137 9270 Or Francesca Cockram, Marketing Goddess, Chemistry,; 01344 418 300; 07818 026 971 About

The Chemistry Group drive rapid top line growth through behaviour change. Chemistry takes a completely new approach to defining what good performance looks like (WGLL™) within the specific context of YOUR sales & service organisation by:

  • Mapping your organisation’s current state against Chemistry’s best practice behavioural development & selection processes using our proprietary diagnostic
  • Identifying the critical behaviours and characteristics that are needed to deliver rapid top line growth using Chemistry’s award winning 5 Box Model
  • Designing solutions to integrate best in class occupational psychology and business change to develop and select against the critical behaviours
  • Deploying the Chemistry Belief Shift Model (CBSM) to create sustainable top line growth

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