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There’s definitely no Blue Monday. Now go ahead and enjoy your job.

If you are depressed at work on Blue Monday, you’re likely to be depressed every Monday 

January  21st is Blue Monday, the arbitrarily selected day of apparent worldwide urban depression. With the cold weather only set to get worse, expect to see much written about how this year’s ‘Blue Monday’ is the worst ever.

Apart from the fact that before 2005, we didn’t seem to notice anything particularly different about the third Monday of January, the notion that misfortunes of modern living are compounded on a single day only serve to lend credence to the dangerous idea that happiness is an unattainable goal in modern society.

The Chemistry Group believe that being depressed in your job should not be a price we have to pay for our job security, depression at work is often a tell tale sign that you probably need to quit.

The Chemistry Group believes in giving people the opportunity to be brilliant at work. They believe that individuals work best when their values and motivations are broadly aligned with those of their company.

So, with the hysteria around Blue Monday expected to reach fever pitch this year, The Chemistry Group has come up with three key messages on beating the blues and finding fulfillment in your job.

1-    Don’t undervalue the importance of happiness at work
 Apart from your personal relationships and family, your job is the biggest aspect of your life, therefore how you feel at work is going to have a massive impact on your life. If you spend most of your time feeling miserable at work it will have a knock on effect on every other part of your life, including your health.

2-   How can you improve your wellbeing at work
If quitting your job for a better one is not an option, there are things you can do to make your job more bearable and eventually enjoyable. Take regular breaks to get fresh air, if you can, try to go for a run or a walk at lunchtime. Make sure you are eating well all through the day with the aim of keeping your blood sugar levels stable, this is important as it will help to keep you energized throughout the day and mean you avoid the common mid-afternoon slump which can leave you sluggish.
Think about the things that you enjoy doing at work, if you can, spend more time doing those things. Think of why you enjoy them, and apply your learnings into other aspects you find less fulfilling

3-   If you’re unhappy at work- LEAVE!
How often are you unhappy at work, if the answer is most of the time, you need to get out NOW. You wouldn’t stick around in a relationship with a partner that made you miserable all the time, so you shouldn’t stick around in a job that does the same. Work takes up just as much energy, perhaps even more than a relationship. Take time out to think about what you really love doing and find ways to pursue that, but whatever you do, don’t stick around and sulk, life is much too short.


Francesca Cockram, Marketing Goddess at The Chemistry Group commented:

“If you are already unhappy in your job, Blue Monday becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you’re told that you are statistically predisposed to be more depressed on a certain day, you tend to see signs of that everywhere. In fact, what is most often the case is that you are in the wrong job or wrong role at your place of work. If you don’t tolerate misery in your personal life, you definitely shouldn’t tolerate it at work; after all you do spend most of your week in your job. If you’re chronically unhappy with your job, take radical steps to change your work environment or find another job that suits you better”

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