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Chemistry's intent is to create opportunities for everyone to be brilliant at work. We deliver innovative, practical people change across the world for an ever expanding list of amazing clients.

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Three Essential Practices Every Business Should Adopt

The Chemistry Group, experts in solving people problems in large businesses, has composed a list of three key practices that could improve productivity, efficiency and staff wellbeing in organisations. The Chemistry Group believe in practicing what they preach, therefore the business practices listed here are all currently used to great success internally.

1. Set out time for staff development.

Staff development is an essential aspect in creating a motivated and capable workforce. People are key to a company’s success, and while many companies will make the claim that it is their staff that makes them great, not enough truly give employees the time and space for sustained personal development. At The Chemistry Group, every member of staff is given six hours a week on personal development, this is time is spent on non-client work and can be used to learn a new skill, catch up on industry reports, or simply to meditate if that’s what helps you grow.

2. Hire right.

An essential factor in building and maintaining a strong workforce is hiring the right people. Recruitment is too often seen as time consuming and boring, this could lead to hasty hirings that can turn out to be disastrous for a business. The Chemistry Group estimates that about 75% of corporate hiring is inaccurate, this simply means that businesses are not spending enough time defining “What Good Looks Like” for a particular role. The Chemistry Group’s work with department store Harrods is an example of best practice in hiring the right people for the right role.

3. Holidays are essential.

A key practice every business should adopt is: going on holiday. Some workers pride themselves in not using up their annual holiday allowance, at The Chemistry Group, that’s a no-no. From observation and internal staff feedback, The Chemistry Group finds that being well rested is directly correlated to increased levels of creativity and innovation, these steamroll into boosting morale levels across the workforce and creating a climate of success within the business.

Salim Earle, Business Analyst at The Chemistry Group, comments:

“It’s all too easy to neglect your personal development when there’s work to be done. However, the impact of not developing yourself will be directly linked to the amount of work you will have in the future because businesses cant be sustained, and certainly can’t grow, unless their people are growing with them. Resist the urge to focus on client work and think about your own development and subsequent upward movement in the business, regardless of your current level and security.”

Roger Philby, CEO of The Chemistry Group comments:

“Harrods wanted to understand the characteristics of exceptional sales people. We came in and profiled high performing sales assistants with an aim to find key patterns using our ‘5 box model’. We wanted to find what they valued, what motivated them and the sort of behaviours they exhibited that made them great at their jobs. Once this was completed, we were able to plot out features Harrods should be looking for when considering employing sales assistants. We built a “What Good Looks Like” profile that not only ensured that the best people were hired, but also increased the capability of existing Harrods staff as well as reduced hiring times by 300%.”

Loz Makepeace, Head of Amazing at The Chemistry Group, said:

“Too many people think that not taking a holiday is going to help them succeed within their business. In fact, it is going to have exactly the opposite effect because not getting enough rest and time away will directly impact your performance at work. The old epithet of recharging your batteries really does run true and is something that should not be ignored. It is not cool to not sue your holiday, it is there for a reason!”

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