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The DigitalNewsroom is the most effective way you can distribute your news, devised and created by the social media team at Manifest Communications . The service allows you to:

  • Embed multimedia such as video, podcasts or presentations to bring your news to life
  • Attach high resolution images, presentations, PDFs (in fact, pretty much anything)
  • Add dynamic, interactive links
  • Customise and brand your news content in a blogger-friendly format
  • Make sharing and saving stories quick and easy through social media tools
  • Organise your news with tags and categories
  • Enhance search engine optimisation on Google, Technorati and more
  • Utilise your own RSS feed to delier news directly to your audience
  • Post stories on an individual URL
  • Collate all of your stories in a DigitalNewsroom archive page
  • Highlight what people are saying about the story through a live Twitterfeed below
  • Direct readers to existing coverage on blogs through a link to Technorati
  • Bring relevant visual content to the fore with a Flickr slideshow
  • Provide useful links to external content such as your website

For more information or to get your own Digital Newsroom, please contact us on:

Easily downloadable high resolution images such as this can be added with a full description.