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Teddle helps Londoners search for, compare and book a trusted cleaner in 60 seconds - with many more services coming soon!

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Kings of convenience: Hailo founder Ron Zeghibe joins Teddle as Non-Executive Chairman

Ron Zeghibe, the founder of  Black Cab app Hailo has joined home cleaning service Teddle as a Non-Executive Chairman.  

Teddle, an innovative new web service that helps Londoners search for, compare and book trusted services in a matter of seconds has appointed Black Cab app Hailo founder Ron Zeghibe as non-executive chairman. Teddle and Hailo share similar business models, both offering convenience to time-poor Londoners when booking cleaners and taxis respectively, coupled with the added B2B element of recruiting, vetting and supporting the cleaners and drivers who provide the services.  Teddle has also secured a £255k investment from a funding group of entrepreneurs including Open Table founder, David Pritchard.

  • Teddle and Hailo both enable time-poor users to book services in a matter of seconds.
  • Both encourage small businesses and freelancers to grow by offering them a dedicated platform to showcase their services, interact with customer, and build a reputation for quality.
  • Both are free to use, and users can pay online once services are completed
  • Hailo was designed by London taxi drivers and allows user to book a nearby taxi in a matter of seconds.
  • Hailo launched in London in 2011 and has had huge success.
  • Hailo CEO Jay Bregman estimated that taxies lose up to £25million every day by people not being able to find cars.
  • Teddle is looking to add further services such as personal trainers, tutors and gardeners in the near future, as well as expanding into other cities.


Jules Coleman, co-founder of Teddle commented:

“We are really excited to have Ron join the team  For us it was a natural move, due to the similarities between our businesses. Offering convenience with easy online payments, is central to what we both do, as well as offering a platform and supporting service providers.  Ron has a proven track record of scaling a business of this type so will be a great asset to the team and we can’t wait to start working with him.”

She added:

“Similar to Hailo, we want to help small businesses grow by providing a community hub where the best service providers succeed.  We know how hard it can be to get your business off the groun and actually being visible to potential consumers is half the battle.  Teddle and Hailo streamline the whole process so providers can concentrate on doing what they love, while we help expand their exposure to local customers and manage their work with customers.”

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New London start-up, Teddle has reinvented the process of finding, booking and managing service providers such as cleaners. Teddle, an innovative new web service that helps time-poor Londoners search for, compare and book trusted services in a matter of seconds has officially launched today. The new service allows users to find, compare and book a […]

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