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RingTagz announce launch of new Android app, ‘Dead Tone’ to stop unwanted calls from playground bullies

RingTagz have launched new app, ‘Dead Tone’ on Google play, allowing Android mobile users to deter unwanted callers. RingTagz, the service that allows mobile users to customise the ringing heard by those that call them, has today announced the release of their ‘Dead Tone’ app, a replica ‘out of service’ ringback tone which gives the […]

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RingTagz launches new mobile marketing service for charities.

A new service launched by RingTagz gives charities the opportunity to increase brand awareness and encourage donations through ringback tones. RingTagz, the service that allows mobile users on Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile networks to customise the dull ‘ring ring’ heard by their callers, has launched a new service for charities to help them increase […]

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