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Sugru is a moldable glue that sticks to almost anything and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight. It is made to stick to as many materials as possible forming a strong bond to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and other materials including some plastics and rubbers. Invented to get the world fixing and making again, Sugru molds like play dough, and sticks to almost anything.

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Rise of the geek: New research by Sugru reveals ‘geek is the new chic’

If you love Star Trek, can name all of the characters from Lord of the Rings, have your own gaming avatar, and actually ENJOY fixing and mending things; then you are officially a geek, but that might just work in your favor according to a new study by the world’s first moldable glue company, Sugru.

  • 89% of people enjoy fixing and mending things in their spare time
  • 85% of people find ‘geeks’ more attractive than non-geeks  
  • Over half (65%) of people in the US would class themselves as a “full blown geek”
  • 30-44 year olds were found to be the “geekiest” age group, with 74% of respondents in this age bracket consider themselves a geek
  • Top telltale geek signs include; an unconditional love for Star Trek, using a computer on a daily basis, believing in “The Force”, or your religion being Jedi

According to the recent study, an impressive 89 percent of Americans admit to enjoying fixing and mending things in their spare time, with a further 65% of respondents officially declaring themselves a “full blown geek.”

Researchers have carried out an in depth look into the nation’s self-proclaimed “nerds” and compiled a list of telltale signs that you are officially a geek. The top traits found to identify a ‘geek’ include; an unconditional love for Star Trek, using a computer on a daily basis, believing in “The Force”, or your religion being Jedi.

The survey also revealed that being a geek could in fact be the new chic, with 85% of respondents claiming to find geeks more attractive than non-geeks, and over half (55%) suggesting that geeks even make better lovers.


A spokesperson for moldable glue Sugru, which commissioned the study said:

Geeks are cool. They’re passionate, into new and interesting things and are natural doers.  If we all embraced our inner geek the world would surely be a better place!”

Sugru’s spokesperson adds:

“Nerdiness has gone mainstream. Just look at the massive trend in life hacking. If you get huge satisfaction from fixing a fraying cable or improving the way something works then hey, welcome to the club.”

According to the research, the average American would give themselves a six out of ten on the geek scale, with a whopping 84% of men describing their other half as a geek, with “always being able to fix things” being the biggest benefit to their relationship.

However, the report also revealed the downsides of being in a relationship with a more “tech minded” other half, with 31 percent complaining that they are often side lined in favor of their geek interests, while 13 percent moaned that they had to socialize with the equally nerdy friends.

30-44 year olds were found to be the “geekiest” age group of the lot, with 74% of respondents in this age bracket considering themselves a geek. Whilst on the other end of the scale, almost two thirds of 60+ year olds (63%) denied having any geek-like qualities.

For more geeky inspiration from a host of life hackers head to

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Sugru to double retail presence in North America with new family-safe glue

The inventor behind the world’s first moldable glue, Sugru, has today launched a brand new Family-Safe, Skin-Friendly Formula expected to double the brand’s presence in North American retail by the end of 2018. Sugru’s new Family-Safe formula will be available alongside Original Sugru moldable glue – the major difference being that children as young as eight years […]

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