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Sugru is a moldable glue that sticks to almost anything and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight. It is made to stick to as many materials as possible forming a strong bond to aluminum, steel, ceramics, glass, wood and other materials including some plastics and rubbers. Invented to get the world fixing and making again, Sugru molds like play dough, and sticks to almost anything.

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Performance-enhancing Sugru: Sugru-enhanced football boots are ‘creative, not naughty’ says mouldable glue inventor.

Crafty kids at an Essex school have been banned from enhancing their football skills by customising their boots with ‘mouldable glue’ Sugru.

The Chafford secondary school in Essex has banned its students from wearing football boots enhanced with Sugru, the world’s first mouldable glue, after it was deemed to give them an unfair advantage on the pitch. Students at the secondary school have been applying patches of the brightly coloured mouldable glue to keys areas of the boot to give them greater control of the ball.

  • Sugru sticks to any surface like superglue and turns to waterproof rubber after 24 hours.
  • Students found that the rubbery patches of Sugru provided better grip of the ball, more power when shooting, and enabled more swerve compared with traditional leather.
  • Sugru has been applied to the sides and toe portion of the football boots, and kids have experimented with different patterns and indentations to both enhance their skills on the pitch and personalise the look of their boots.
  • In order to test the impact of Sugru on the performance of football boots, Sugru enlisted the help of professional football freestyler and Guinness World Record holder, John Farnworth to test some boots augmented with Sugru patches.
  • You can see the video of John’s test here:
  • Sugru is available to buy at retailers across the country and online at


Mathew Goodman, Director of Sport at The Chafford school commented:

“This latest trend for using Sugru to enhance their football boots and give their football skills a boost has taken the school by storm. They’ve even been using different colours to customise their boots to match their favourite team colours. While we applaud their ingenuity and creativity, we have now had to enforce a ban on these Sugru-enhanced boots, as it was no longer fair on the other players.”

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, CEO and inventor of Sugru commented:

“Sugru has thousands of different uses, but this was definitely a new one to us. We love seeing the inventiveness of our customers of all ages when using Sugru, but especially young people and we believe the trend for enhancing football and rugby boots with Sugru demonstrates that young people have a lot of untapped creativity and invention. It’s a shame the school has needed to ban the boots from competitive games – and we really hope they don’t categorise creativity as misbehaviour… When in fact this is a really clever and innovative use of the product!”

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh added:

“Everyone at Sugru is on a mission to get the world fixing, enhancing and making – we want to help spark a new generation of creativity. That’s why we’re now providing guides to enhancing football boots on our website, alongside 1000’s of other ideas for transforming everyday items or improving their performance.”

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