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Stoke Mandeville Stadium lights up with the Paralympic Flame

Stoke Mandeville Stadium has been announced as the starting point for all forthcoming Paralympic Torch Relays, with the March 2014 Winter Games signalling the Stadium’s next flame lighting.

  • As Stoke Mandeville Stadium is the birthplace of the Paralympic Games, the lighting of the flame for the Paralympic torch relay will take place at the start of every Paralympic summer and winter games
  • Next year sees the eleventh Paralympic Winter Games being held in Sochi, Russia; thanks to this recent announcement, Stoke Mandeville Stadium will be the first place in history to be involved in the Paralympic Torch Relay outside of the Game’s hosting country
  • The Stadium will hold the next Flame Lighting Ceremony in February 2014, which will celebrate the start of the games and then send the flame on its way for the Winter Games in Sochi


Ian Seabrook, Development Manager for Stoke Mandeville Stadium, commented:

We are honoured to have received this prestigious honour and are looking forward to the first lighting of the torch for the Winter Games 2014. Here at the Stadium we pride ourselves on our contribution towards Paralympic sports and our heritage, and are delighted that we will now be involved in the opening of every Paralympic Torch Relay. This is the start of a very exciting future for Stoke Mandeville and our community.

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