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It’s a Knock Out for Karate at Stoke Mandeville!

Stoke Mandeville Stadium has partnered with the Disability Karate Federation to bring Karate to the community!

  • The Disability Karate Federation’s KickStart 100 Project has a syllabus especially adapted for people with learning difficulties and for wheelchair users
  • The lively and fun classes will be taught by disability karate expert Ray Sweeney, 5th Dan
  • The organisation will be providing each athlete with a free karate suit, belt, license, and insurance and better still, the first three months of training will cost just £15
  • The classes will give disabled people an unparalleled access to a sport which increases physical and mental dexterity whilst also creating an improvement in quality of life. New members are welcome at any time and the first class is on Thursday 14th November at 5pm
  • The classes cost £15 for three months


Ian Seabrook, Business Development and Marketing Manager for Stoke Mandeville Stadium commented:

Karate is a lot more than just kicking and punching; karate is about the development of the person as a whole. We want to encourage more people with disabilities to start Karate and eventually become black belts! I am very positive about our partnership with the Disability Karate Federation and I am sure the new club will go from strength to strength.

Ray Sweeney, commented:

Recent research by Imperial College London has shown that karate stimulates significant growth in white matter and increase complexity of the brain. Karate is also well known for building self-esteem and self-confidence, which can be difficult issues for many people with a disability.    We have athletes successfully learning karate with all different forms of disability including SLD, PMLD, compound and complex disabilities, CP, missing limb, Visual impairment, hearing impairment, Down’s, dwarfism and wheelchair users.  Karate is changing the perception of what disabled people are capable of as well as changing lives and we hope to encourage more people with disabilities to realise the benefits of starting karate and eventually learn to become instructors too.


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