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Brits go mad for pet cams: New Samsung SmartCams used by pet owners to keep in touch with furry friends

Inventive pet owners are using in-home Wi-Fi cameras to interact with dogs and cats when at work

Alongside the launch of its new SmartCam SNH-1011N IP Camera, Samsung Techwin Europe electronics giant Samsung has announced that a growing number of Britain’s 13 million pet owners are embracing its in-home Wi-Fi camera technology to keep in touch with pets when out of the house. With a simple connection to the home Wi-Fi network, the SmartCam allows passionate pet owners to monitor their furry friends while out and about or at work through the SmartCam app, which can even alert owners that pets are feeding, barking or misbehaving.

  • Samsung Techwin has seen downloads of its SmartCam smartphone app (available for free on iOS and Android) skyrocket as families latch onto the potential of the cameras for keeping tabs on their pets as well as their home security.
  • The app provides alerts whenever motion or sound is detected, so if stationed at a food bowl, owners can check their pet is eating properly.
  • Boasting simple setup, infrared LEDs for Night Vision, Motion and Audio Detection capabilities, the Smart Cam is the ultimate package not just for those concerned about their animal’s welfare and to understand patterns in behaviour – it’s also a tool for people to launch their pet to internet stardom.
  • Owners can calibrate their camera to upload clips to a private or public YouTube or Picasa profile whenever motion or sound is detected, and the app can allow anyone with access to the camera the opportunity to chat to and interact with a pet.


James Frame, Samsung Techwin Retail Sales Manager Europe and the Nordics commented:

“For many owners, what their pets get up to during the day is a total mystery – until now, it seems. The Samsung Techwin SmartCam cameras give pet lovers the opportunity to check in on their furry friends easily using their smartphone. The two-way microphone on the cameras even lets you interact with your cats and dogs from wherever you are in the world.”

“The SmartCam range is built with privacy and security in mind and it is simple to keep your footage 100 per cent private, but we’re seeing more and more people opening up their pet clips to the rest of the internet and sharing them on Twitter and Facebook.”

“We’re even running a social media competition to find the best pet stars on YouTube. To submit your pet, simply share a clip of them with @Samsungsmartcam using the #SamsungSmartPets hashtag.”

Lucie Conoley, from Brixton, has been using a Samsung SmartCam to keep tabs on her dog for weeks now, commenting:

“A friend of mine suggested using a SmartCam to keep an eye on Oscar, my Old English Sheepdog, when they saw their friends sharing YouTube clips of their cat. It immediately seemed like an awesome idea. Oscar soon learned I could see what he was up to and recognised my voice when I calmed him down when he barked.”

“What I didn’t expect, though, was the funny things he would get up to when I was out of the house,” she continued. “The YouTube channel that the clips post to has become a running joke throughout our family. It’s especially nice to be able to see how he is and have a chat if I’m having a stressful day at work. It’s like he’s always by my side, wherever I am.”

The Samsung SmartCam SNH-1011N IP Camera will available online at Maplin and in store soon.

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