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Sales Tracks promotes your business by using your mobile phone. Your callers can listen to Sales Messages, Brand Enhancing Messages and Corporate Information Messages instead of hearing the traditional "ring-ring" sound when calling your employees!

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Sales Tracks


Sales Tracks is a new service that converts the ringing tone your callers hear into a new advertising medium that has already inspired sales increases of more than 250% for test users

Sales Tracks has today officially launched the first service in the UK to allow businesses and freelancers to customise the ringing tone their callers hear with bespoke messages. Choosing from a library of industry-specific content or even adopting tailor-made content, early testers of the service have already seen a 285% increase in conversion rates for just £2.00 per handset per month.

  • Sales Tracks is a unique way to broadcast business messages and start sales conversations with customers before the phone call actually starts
  • The service allows a subtle introduction to offers and cross-promotions
  • During test stages, the service has proved particular popular with freelancers and small business owners
  • To initialise the service, users simply register at and replace the ring-ring sound with an industry-specific message or jingle of their choice for their callers
  • Users can record their own content, or even have professionally produced content recorded for them by Sales Tracks.


Head of Sales Tracks Richard Jackson commented:
“We are really excited to bring British business an entirely new marketing medium. Sales Tracks is an innovative way to talk to your customers before you actually answer the phone, which provides a unique opportunity to delicately introduce sales messages or topics for conversation.”

Richard Jackson continued:
“A typical business user will actually play six hours of the monotone ringing sound to their inbound callers a year – it’s time something unlocked the potential to do more with it. Our service allows organisations to use that time to promote products and services or add value and personality to calls. Essentially, it’s like having your own radio medium, except with a predefined and receptive audience. Our early customers have already reported significantly better return on investment against traditional advertising options such as radio, with some of them experiencing telephone conversion rate improvements of over 250 per cent.”

Richard Jackson continued:
“As well as providing a new promotional medium, we are able to provide detailed analytics into caller behaviour as part of the service, which can provide a new dimension of customer insight. As well as monitoring the success of certain types of Sales Tracks content, these analytics can also help to plan resourcing and customer demand.”

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