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Rize Up was created by Josh Cole, street photographer and film-maker and Jane Powell, founder of the men’s mental health charity, CALM. It’s supported by a collective of people who know that anything is possible. We’re an alliance of people – some from the world of politics of all shades and none. We’re NOT here to campaign for any party. In fact, we’re doing this because we think politics isn’t working for young people. For more information go to http://rizeup.org/. You can sign up to vote here https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - all you need is your National Insurance number.

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Voter registration campaign Rize Up hopes to drive ‘record’ under-25 voter turnout

A brand new voter registration campaign, Rize Up, has launched today to encourage more than 15 million non-voters, especially those aged 25 and under, to have their say in the upcoming General Election.

Over 15 million people – primarily, the under 25s and the economically dispossessed – didn’t vote in the last election, which outnumbered the supporters of every single party in 2015*. Also in a recent poll, only 14% of the under 25s said they would definitely vote on June 8th compared with 79% of the over 65s*. The Rize Up campaign is designed to mobilise the youth audience and the disenfranchised to highlight the potency of their vote given the assumed low youth turnout.

The campaign was co-founded by photographer and filmmaker Josh Cole and Jane Powell, founder of the men’s suicide prevention charity, CALM. It will bring together musicians, artists and industry leaders to mobilise the power of technology to encourage those disenfranchised from politics to participate. They also are running an awareness campaign aimed at the homeless and those of no fixed abode giving them the tools they need to register.

Josh Cole, commented: “In the 2015 General Election over 15 million people – primarily the under 25s and the economically dispossessed didn’t vote which outnumbered the supporters of every single party in that election. With all parties designing policies to suit those typically most likely to vote, the youth voice is often ignored. Only 53 per cent of those within the lowest income bracket voted compared with 75% of those in the highest.***

“I felt like there was a need for a campaign that gives a platform for the forgotten generation to have their say. To start a conversation rather than being patronising or telling people what to do.”

Jane Powell continued: There are 15 million voters out there whose voice will potentially be lost – at a time of huge political, economic and social change.  We want to ensure that  young people and those at the bottom of society feel their vote can affect their lives and the lives of those around them. Rize Up is working to unite partners across the music industry, social media and the community to give these people a voice and to prove that every vote was created equal. We want the next generation of voters to feel empowered instead of apathetic, and an election that never planned for them to turn up is a great chance to shake things up.”

To encourage as many people to get involved in the campaign, grime producer 5ive Beatz (produced for Stormzy, Skepta, Akala and more) has created a beat track as a platform for anyone to upload and talk about the importance of voting through music. Anyone can download the track and record their verse over the top of the beat, and submit it online with the hashtag #RizeUpUK for the chance to have the full version recorded in a central London studio at the end of the month. Each contributor  The competition will kick off with known grime artists (names TBC) uploading their own freestyles to inspire the country to contribute.

Some artists (to be announced) will also be releasing exclusive music for the campaign in the hopes of connecting with the young fan base they already engage with.

You can register to vote at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote all you need is your National Insurance number.

Rize Up has already received support from:

Partners of Rize Up

  • Lush
  • Manifest 
  • Creature London
  • THTC

To participate in the conversation on social media, tweet using the #RizeUpUK, and for further information head to http://www.rizeup.org/.

*Source Ipsos Mori

**Source Kantar

*** Source IPPR

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