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Rize Up was created by Josh Cole, street photographer and film-maker and Jane Powell, founder of the men’s mental health charity, CALM. It’s supported by a collective of people who know that anything is possible. We’re an alliance of people – some from the world of politics of all shades and none. We’re NOT here to campaign for any party. In fact, we’re doing this because we think politics isn’t working for young people. For more information go to http://rizeup.org/. You can sign up to vote here https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote - all you need is your National Insurance number.

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This is our House: Youth vote campaigners and artists storm Parliament Square with guerrilla gig to drive registrations ahead of voter deadline

Rize Up hosts gig with Lady Leshurr, Jammer, Vic Santoro and Rudimental to drive marginalised youths to register to vote ahead of November 26th deadline

Rize Up, the independent voter registration campaign aimed at marginalised young people in the UK, hosted an audacious guerrilla gig on Parliament Square today/yesterday to drive more young people to sign up to vote.

Celebs and musicians including Lady Leshurr, Jammer, Vic Santoro and Rudimental performed on top of a branded Rize Up fire engine in front of hundreds of people as an act of defiance against the political parties who fail to represent the marginalised and the young.

The secret gig which kicked off at 2:30pm was announced just two hours earlier on Rize Up’s social pages with crowds flooding from all over the city to catch a glimpse of their favourite artists and hear about the Rize Up movement. Later, Rize Up hosted another event at The Cause in Tottenham, with free entry for anyone who had registered to vote.

This is part of Rize Up’s overall campaign to encourage young people to use their vote. With the stakes higher than ever before and millions feeling there is no point in voting, Rize Up believes that those who have never voted before could dramatically affect the outcome of the General Election on 12th December.

Last week, the Electoral Commission announcement that almost a third of those aged between 18 and 24 aren’t registered to vote, so Rize Up has been doubling its effort to reach those milli9ons of people and encourage them to use their voice.

Rize Up Founder Josh Cole and his team of volunteers and artists is bringing the Rize Up message to life online, across social media and in the streets, directly targeting millions of young potential voters in the places that they look for information, community and inspiration.

By focusing on the potential impact, rather than the duty of voting, the moment empowered swathes of politically disillusioned and disengaged under 25 year olds to claim the vote that politicians didn’t expect or want them to use. Its powerful message of ‘represent to be represented’ resonated with millions who believe the electorate should be more representative of young people.

In its inaugural campaign in 2017, Rize Up helped drive almost a million young people to register to vote, so as the deadline for registration looms, the campaigners are keen to reach as many people as possible with their message.

To register to vote and find more information on Rize Up, visit: https://2019.rizeup.org/

Donate to Rize Up at: https://www.gofundme.com/f/uecqyc-rize-up-voter-registration

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Youth voters flock to register in record numbers as Rize Up ‘proves’ a new approach to voter registration campaigning is working.

Almost 1m under 25s have registered to vote in the forthcoming election, following campaigns that focus on the impact, rather than the responsibility, of voting. Rize Up, the independent registration campaign for the forgotten generation, believes a new approach that ‘empowers rather than brow-beats’ young people has had a significant impact on the record number […]

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