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Ringtagz replace the ring ring your callers hear whilst they wait for you to answer your phone. Choose from 1000's of sounds including music tracks, sound FX, TV theme tunes and loads more. It's all about expressing yourself and entertaining your callers. Add as many Ringtagz as you want to your collection and play them for a single flat fee of only £1 a month. You can set your Ringtagz to shuffle so there’s always something new being played and you can even select different Ringtagz for specific callers – why not give your best mate a blast of their favourite chart track or your Dad his football team's chant? Entertain your callers. Make them Smile. Make them laugh. Make them dance. Just don't be boring ...ring..ring..ring..ring...

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Ring song: Unsigned bands turn to new Facebook application to launch tracks virally via RingTagz

Musicians adopt new service to spread their music virally by replacing the ringing their callers hear with new tracks.

RingTagz, the service that allows mobile users to customise the ringing heard by those that call them, has seen a dramatic growth in the use of the service from up-and-coming musicians in 2012. Since launching a Facebook feature allowing users to upload their own content to RingTagz, hundreds of unsigned acts have created ringback tones of their tracks to help spread the word about their music. Since its launch last month, UK mobile phone users can record and upload their own music using the RingTagz Facebook application, even tailoring specific songs to specific callers, and applying them to their phone in minutes.

  • One early adopter of the service is indie band Very Nice Harry, using the RingTagz service to launch their latest single ‘Tongue In Cheek’ and appealing for friends and fans to do the same to spread the track virally
  • The new feature allows any T-Mobile, Virgin or Orange customer to upload any MP3 track they own and add it to their phone for callers to hear
  • An average mobile phone receives 3 calls per day. RingTagz say if 50 people install your song as a ringback tone, 150 callers will hear it per day, resulting in 1050 people per week and 4500 in a month
  • Costing just £1.50 per month and accessed straight from Facebook RingTagz page, the service takes just a few clicks to set up
  • This week the web giant, Google announced it had won the patent for ringback adverts, proving the service can open up a powerful new communications opportunity for promotion, branding and advertising teams
  • As well as the personalised recording service, RingTagz allows subscribers to customise ringback tones with a library of exclusive media, from chart music to television theme tunes
  • The service can open up a powerful new communications opportunity for sales, branding and advertising teams and is currently used by over 100 companies today in the UK


Mark Grafton, bassist from Very Nice Harry commented:

“Everyone knows how competitive it is within the music industry, especially now there are so many different platforms dedicated to new music and promoting yourself. When we heard about the UGC function on RingTagz, we had a light bulb moment and jumped at the chance to utilise the service to promote our music.”

Mark Grafton continued:

“Now, every time a band member, our friends, our family and our fans receive a phone call, the caller hears ‘Tongue In Cheek’. It spread really quickly – it started off with just the band setting it up but straight away people were asking how they could get our single as their tag, too. It’s a brilliant element of our journey in the industry, and one we definitely see as a big trend for up-and-coming acts.”

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