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Ringtagz replace the ring ring your callers hear whilst they wait for you to answer your phone. Choose from 1000's of sounds including music tracks, sound FX, TV theme tunes and loads more. It's all about expressing yourself and entertaining your callers. Add as many Ringtagz as you want to your collection and play them for a single flat fee of only £1 a month. You can set your Ringtagz to shuffle so there’s always something new being played and you can even select different Ringtagz for specific callers – why not give your best mate a blast of their favourite chart track or your Dad his football team's chant? Entertain your callers. Make them Smile. Make them laugh. Make them dance. Just don't be boring ...ring..ring..ring..ring...

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RingTagz announce launch of new Android app, ‘Dead Tone’ to ditch unwanted callers

RingTagz have launched new app, ‘Dead Tone’ on Google play, allowing Android mobile users to deter unwanted callers.

RingTagz, the service that allows mobile users to customise the ringing heard by those that call them, has today announced the release of their ‘Dead Tone’ app, a replica ‘out of service’ ringback tone which gives the impression the phone is no longer in use, deterring unwanted callers. For the first time, UK mobile phone users can record and upload their own messages using the RingTagz application, even tailoring specific messages to specific callers, and applying them to their phone in minutes.

  • Android users are able to apply the ‘Dead Tone’ to any mobile phone number they wish to give the impression that their number is out of service.
  • The app provides the option for users to let callers know that they have been ‘Dead Toned’ via text message, if using the service for revenge purposes.
  • As well as utilising the service in a jovial way, RingTagz also see the Dead Tone as a tool to help stop bullying.


Head of Central Marketing at RingTagz, Danielle Morgan commented:
“We think the Dead Tone app is going to be huge. We’ve all been there – a psycho ex partner, that debt collector you’ve been avoiding for months, the fling that really wasn’t a good idea, all calling you at inappropriate times and causing way more stress than necessary. With the introduction of the Dead Tone app, mobile users will no longer have to go through the hassle of cancelling their number, they can just make callers think it’s out of service!”

Danielle Morgan continued:
“When creating the Dead Tone application, a mother in our office commented that her son was being bullied by a group of youths and they were targeting him by his mobile phone, and that the Dead Tone would be the perfect catalyst to help avoid them. This problem is rife as the younger generation are now all using smartphones, and so we see Dead Tone helping youths avoid unwanted phone calls and hopefully seeing the bullying come to a stop.”

Danielle Morgan continued:
“The personalisation function means there is no end to what you can choose as your RingTagz, and the functionality of setting specific tags for specific callers makes it even more fun. It doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom! Imagine your partner calling on your anniversary and there is a lovely, recorded message waiting for them? Or when it’s your birthday coming up, you can let your family know exactly which presents you want!”

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