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Peanut is a community that provides a safe space for mothers, expectant mothers and those trying to conceive, to build friendships, ask questions and find support. Whether it’s understanding IVF, adoption, pregnancy, first years or nursery and beyond; Peanut is a place to connect with likeminded women at a similar stage in life.

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The Peanut app launches Moments to encourage positivity, candid storytelling and freedom of expression online

New research* from Peanut reveals that 40% of women feel that the pandemic has caused social media to become a breeding ground for political debate and misinformation, and 2 in 5 women wish there was less negativity on social networks.

Peanut – the app connecting women through all stages of motherhood – has shed light on how women perceive other social networks. The research shows they believe it has taken a dark turn over the last year and, as a result, 1 in 5 women now feel insecure about their appearance; more than 1 in 4 women feel insecure about their life; and 1 in 5 fear they are not ‘successful enough’.

This need to “keep up with the Joneses” leads a staggering 54% of women to scrutinise their social media posts before uploading in fear of being ‘’judged’’. In fact, 2 out of 3 women (63%) would like to see trolls removed from social media to minimise their anxiety. 

The results show an overwhelming need for social media to receive an injection of positivity. Women across the country want to see an increase in realistic life updates (55%); people having a laugh (40%); and genuine conversations (42%). It’s no surprise to learn that over half of those surveyed (54%) feel there’s simply not enough support for one another across social media.

Continuing its commitment to create a safe and empowering space for women online, Peanut today announces the launch of Moments – a new way for women to share real and relatable stories. In an effort to rethink traditional social networks and provide the antithesis to doom-scrolling, Moments aims to give women the confidence to express themselves in a judgement-free environment with like-minded women.

Michelle Kennedy, founder and CEO of Peanut commented: “In this time of extreme uncertainty and isolation, technology and social media is our primary means of connection. But what is the consequence to society, mental health and unity, when social media is established on algorithms that perpetuate misinformation, divisiveness, hateful speech, insecurity and often, a flurry of ads that reflect our last Google search? When users are the product, rather than own the product? Peanut is building a new generation of social media, for a new world based on care, collaboration and unity. The starting point for that? Some humour which can unite us all.”

Despite the negative impact that social media can have on self confidence, almost 80% of women still use it daily. Amidst nationwide lockdowns, it’s become one of the main ways they can continue to socialise, stay connected and keep on top of the news. 


Pamela, 35, from London said: “Social media, especially during a global pandemic, has become an increasingly stressful place for mothers. The influx of both companies and moms posting their seemingly flawless lives and “life lessons” isn’t comforting — it incites anxiety. The pressure to make maternity an externally perfect experience has become (what feels like) a societal norm. Finding a safe space, like Peanut, where women share what’s really going on in their lives, has been a welcome haven amongst the judgemental social media world.” 

Izzie, 31, from Sussex states: “I’m currently trying to conceive and I’m finding social media increasingly difficult to engage with. It’s painful to see constant pregnancy announcements, baby pictures and the all round rosy lives that people share online. It’s very easy to become affected by others’ lives and actions, and posts and comments can feel provocative and personal, but without social media, I would struggle to stay connected to my friends and family while we can’t see each other in person.”

Tara, 32, from Leicester said: “Since having my son five months ago, I’ve deleted, muted and unfollowed many, many accounts on other social media sites. And not just public ones, but friends too. Taking back my social media consumption and choosing my community has been liberating and rewarding. I’ve found myself less drained and more inspired when I am in control of my feed.”

Kayley, UK [age/location TBC] said: “Even though I love to share elements of my life with my friends, I often find that I hesitate with sharing my real views on Facebook and Instagram, as the thought of being ‘trolled’ for my personal opinions causes me a lot of anxiety.  The fear of confrontation means that I’m not always my authentic self online and I’m grateful that on Peanut you can be open and honest without the fear of being judged.”

Peanut provides a safe space for its community of over 2M women to find friendships, have candid conversations and share real-life experiences, ranging from fertility and miscarriage, to finances, sex and motherhood. Women turn to Peanut over other social networks because they trust Peanut. The app provides a safe space that is free from fake news and disinformation, and instead, encourages authenticity and honest storytelling.

Moments aims to empower women to share their experiences without fear or judgment or pressure to adhere to unrealistic standards. The feature invites women to upload photo or video content and tag it with an emotion such as “OMG”, “AWKS” or “OOPS”. This helps foster meaningful connections because when women share an experience, it creates a personal connection and helps them know they’re not alone. This content is also shareable across other social networks such as  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, in an effort to spread much-needed positivity across the landscape.

Kennedy continues: “At Peanut, we strive to cultivate a humble and inviting community of women by not only providing a safe space for support, but by actively listening to our users and introducing updates, like Moments, that enhance their experience and encourage authentic and empathetically engaging interactions”

To download and sign-up to the Peanut app for free visit:


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*Research conducted by Peanut, online, in January 2021.


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