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Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex suit that cover the whole of your body from head to toe! They've been specially designed so that users can breathe through them, see through them, drink through them (only water of course!..), but nobody can see who's inside. They come in 30 or so vibrant colours and patterns so the response from people is unbelievable, we reckon it’s a bit like being a celebrity. Morphsuits go down a storm pretty much anywhere from festivals to football games, fundraisers to frat parties, Halloween to Happy Birthdays, batchelor/stags/bucks to bungee jumps, or for just picking up some milk and bread from your local supermarket.

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Halloween costumes boost children’s confidence, says leading psychologist

Morphsuits’ full body lycra costumes can help children develop confidence and character, as well as provide comfort for many autistic children.

Morphsuits, the full body Lycra costumes could help children develop confidence and other social skills according to psychologist Dr. David Holmes. The children’s costumes, which cover a child’s entire body, also have significant benefits for autistic children comforted by light pressure on their skin. Following unsolicited contact from dozens of parents thanking Morphsuits for boosting their child’s self esteem and confidence in groups, the company asked Dr. David Holmes to look into the role costumes – particularly popular amongst children at Halloween – play in developing children’s social development.

  • Parents’ reports suggests the Morphsuits offer children anonymity helping escape fears or insecurities they may feel during parties and other group events.
  • Children with autism have felt a calming effect when wearing Morphsuits due to the all-over sensation provided by the full body suit.
  • Autistic children have problems with their sensory systems, making them sensitive to light tactile stimuli.
  • The suits have a full face mask complete with a quick release Velcro hood and have passed the European toy directive testing safety.
  • The MorphKids product range includes Aliens, Ninjas, Skeleton, Racing Driver, Astronauts as well as animal patterns and full body colour suits.
  • The Ninja and Alien suit are most popular with sales rocketing in the lead up to Halloween.
  • The suits are available in three sizes; 6-8 years, 8-10 years and 10+

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Dr. David Holmes, a leading UK Psychologist commented:

” With Morphsuits, kids get the combined benefits of two things: the all round security they felt in romper suits when they were younger and the mystery and magic of the costume mask from fantasy media, which adds both playful mystique and anonymity.

“The Morphsuits give children the chance to be who they want to be; secure and unidentifiable to both bullies or those wishing to drag them back to the mundane. The outfits encourage kids to live out their fantasies in confidence and safety as well as helping them network and connect with their mates who also wear them.”

Dr. Tim Trodd, a specialist in Family Medicine and Autism commented:

“I think that it is likely that the suits are applying firm all-over pressure and the autistic wearers find this calming, in the same way that a baby is calmed by swaddling.”

Susie Lowe, parent of a six year old MorphKid commented:

“My daughter was so excited about wearing her Morphsuit to a recent friends birthday party. Once she got it on she must have been extremely comfortable in it because she didn’t want to take it off. The reaction from her friends was brilliant and it looks like Morphsuits birthday parties are set to be the next big thing.”

Gregor Lawson, cofounder of Morphsuits commented:

“A lot of people buy our suits for the reason that it offers complete anonymity compared to other fancy dress costumes where they may feel more self conscious. It is always nice to get feedback on your product, but when the parents say that the suits are really helping with their child’s confidence amongst friends it’s a real feel good feeling.”


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