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Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex suit that cover the whole of your body from head to toe! They've been specially designed so that users can breathe through them, see through them, drink through them (only water of course!..), but nobody can see who's inside. They come in 30 or so vibrant colours and patterns so the response from people is unbelievable, we reckon it’s a bit like being a celebrity. Morphsuits go down a storm pretty much anywhere from festivals to football games, fundraisers to frat parties, Halloween to Happy Birthdays, batchelor/stags/bucks to bungee jumps, or for just picking up some milk and bread from your local supermarket.

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Game on! Morphsuits mobs Trafalgar Square and stages England vs Italy match to predict Saturday’s final score.

To kick the 2014 World Cup off, Morphsuits took football to the streets of London and flashmobbed Trafalgar Square, to predict the final score of the first of England’s matches, against Italy on Saturday 14th June.

The Morphsuit cladded entourage of English and Italian players took over the square , weaving in and out of tantalised spectators, disputing offside calls, red cards and extra time for full fanatic glory, the group of footy fans showed England’s capital how to take the party to the streets and celebrate The World Cup just days before the main event.

The Italian and English teams ran on with goal posts and took onlookers by surprise as they quickly assembled in between the fountains to kick off the match. Patriotic supporters congregated at the sidelines and kicked the ball back in to play when it went off side (outside the fountains!).

The match ended in a tantalising 0-0 draw, so all eyes are now on Saturday when England meet Italy in Rio for their all-important first match to see if the prediction will come true.

The Flag Morphsuits, available here are Morphsuit’s pledge to be sponsors of football fans across the globe for the World Cup. You can literally dress from head to toe in your country’s colours and be king of the World Cup party!

Thousands upon thousands of patriotic football fans will be proudly showing their colours to represent their home countries for the 2014 Word Cup. Come rain or shine Morphsuits is proud to represent fans, that bring life to a stand, a roar to the stadium and tears of glory by launching MorphFANS, the sponsor of football fans everywhere.

Watch the match in action here on YouTube:

The full range of Flag Morphsuits are available here: England, FranceGermanySpainItalyHollandUSAMexicoCanadaAustraliaIrelandScotland and Wales RRP at £39.95 at

Images of the World Cup suits can be downloaded below.

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As summer teases us with sunshine this can only mean the first signs of festival season this year! Morphsuits, kings of the world’s largest parties are out in full force this summer. Morphsuits now boasts a range of well over 200 costumes, including innovative group costumes and wearable tech-enhanced costumes, perfect for festival groups to make you the talk of the field. […]

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Crowdstorming: Morphsuits launches MorphLabs to create and discover the most innovative costumes in the world

Morphsuits unveils first ever ‘crowdstorming’ programme to catalyse an evolutionary step in costume design. Morphsuits’ wider costume brand, Morph Costume Co. is pioneering the first on-going ‘crowdstorming’ programme, driven by a NASA level scientific approach that creates, tests, and tweaks hundreds of costume ideas to deliver innovation in costume design. Dubbed MorphLabs, the campaign aims […]

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