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Morphsuits are all-in-one spandex suit that cover the whole of your body from head to toe! They've been specially designed so that users can breathe through them, see through them, drink through them (only water of course!..), but nobody can see who's inside. They come in 30 or so vibrant colours and patterns so the response from people is unbelievable, we reckon it’s a bit like being a celebrity. Morphsuits go down a storm pretty much anywhere from festivals to football games, fundraisers to frat parties, Halloween to Happy Birthdays, batchelor/stags/bucks to bungee jumps, or for just picking up some milk and bread from your local supermarket.

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MfL: Morphsuits launches free tube-replacement rickshaw service to save Londoners from tube strike misery

Morphsuits launches overground rickshaw line, dubbed Morphsuits for London (MfL) to help stranded Londoners by ferrying them to work on rickshaws during tube strike.

The free rickshaw service is providing transport to and from the closed tube stations in central London for stressed out commuters. The rickshaw drivers will be clad from head to toe in one of Morphsuits’ classic all-in-one spandex designs, so will be really easy to spot in amongst the crowds of commuters struggling to get to work. The colour of the driver’s suit determines which tube lines they’ll be servicing, so blue for Piccadilly, red for Central etc.

The London Chamber of Commerce has said the strike will cost the economy £50million-a-day, or £200million across the four days of strikes. The strike is planned to last from 21:00 GMT on Tuesday 4th until Friday morning and again from 11th February next week. TFL is operating a limited service on many lines, however the majority of the Circle, Central and Piccadilly lines will be closed, meaning central London will experience a huge increase in pressure on alternative modes of transport for commuters to get to and from work. Enter Morphuits and a pop-up overground tube line.

Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits commented:

“Every time there are tube strikes in London, we see reports of the chaos and the disruption experienced by Londoners – and we’re only just out of the most depressing month of the year. So, we thought we’d add some colour and heart to the whole drab affair and give commuters a much needed boost.”

The Morphsuits overground rickshaw line will be running throughout this week’s strike and transport will be completely free on a first come first served basis. Commuters can also use the #MorphTheStrike hashtag to find out more and share their experiences.

Photos: Paul Clarke

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Festival frenzy! Celebrate festival season MorphStyle

As summer teases us with sunshine this can only mean the first signs of festival season this year! Morphsuits, kings of the world’s largest parties are out in full force this summer. Morphsuits now boasts a range of well over 200 costumes, including innovative group costumes and wearable tech-enhanced costumes, perfect for festival groups to make you the talk of the field. […]

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