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In August 2013, Morph Costume Co. a new leader in the world of fancy dress was announced. The company also owns Digital Dudz, clothing and costumes that integrate the interactive Digital Dudz smartphone app. Morph Costume Co. is owned by AFG Media, which was founded in 2009 by brothers Fraser and Ali Smeaton and friend Gregor Lawson. AFG Media is the operating company behind Morphsuits, the costume phenomenon taking over the world.

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Morph Costume Co.

British entrepreneurs take on $6billion industry with a rocket scientist and app-powered costumes

Group behind multimillion-pound global phenomenon, Morphsuits aim to become ‘biggest player’ in fancy dress, following the creation of Morph Costume Co. and the acquisition of Digital Dudz.

AFG Media, the group of young, Scottish entrepreneurs responsible for global fancy dress phenomenon, Morphsuits is plotting global domination of the $6billion fancy dress market by launching the first recognisable consumer brand in the sector, Morph Costume Co. Expanding its range from the full body spandex costumes that have sold millions worldwide, Morph Costume Co. will include the first ever costumes that incorporate smartphone app animations, invented by Mark Rober, who worked as a NASA scientist for seven years before joining AFG Media and will be available to buy online here.

Fancy Dress powered by rocket science

  • Many of the Morph Costume Co. designs pioneer new technology that makes animated smartphone screens part of the costume through a dedicated app.
  • The technology was developed by NASA scientist, Mark Rober who previously worked on the Mars Rover before inventing the patented integration of apps into clothing and costumes.
  • Rober became a web superstar last year when he revealed designs for app-enhanced Halloween costumes on YouTube, gaining millions of views worldwide.
  • AFG Media acquired Robers’ start-up, Digital Dudz last month, allowing the technology to be incorporated into the Morph Costume Co. range.
  • The Digital Dudz smartphone app, available as a free download for iOS and Android devices, brings Morph Costume Co. outfits to life by displaying interactive animations, including beating hearts and moving eyes, that integrate with the overall design once the phone is placed in a specially engineered Velcro pouch within the costume.
  •  As well as the app-powered costumes of zombie surgeons and pirates, AFG Media will launch Digital Dudz tee shirts and clothing, complete with bespoke animations in time for Halloween.


Gregor Lawson, one of the co founders of AFG Media commented:

“Fancy dress is a $6billion industry worldwide, yet there are no recognisable brands in the sector. Morph Costume Co. will be the first global brand synonymous with awesome costumes, but even more than that, we hope to reinvent consumer expectations of fancy dress by incorporating smartphone technology in our designs.” “When we launched Morphsuits we certainly shook up the industry and now with Morph Costume Co. we hope to take things to the next level,” he added.

Gregor Lawson continued:

“Technology has never moved faster or been more accessible to consumers; there are 31 million smartphones in the UK and Google searches for wearable technology have increased six fold in the last 6 months. We’ve applied this insight by using mobile devices to bring our costumes to life with animations from bleeding wounds to moving eyes – now who wouldn’t want that for their Halloween party!

Sara McCraight, Brand Manager at Morph Costume Co. added:

“Innovation is what propelled Morphsuits’ success, and it is what will see Morph Costume Co. become a household name. We test all of our ideas with our 1.2 million Facebook, and they’ve helped us understand that they don’t simply want an outfit to wear for fancy dress, they want a way to become the life of the party and we believe our costumes do this better than any other!”

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