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In August 2013, Morph Costume Co. a new leader in the world of fancy dress was announced. The company also owns Digital Dudz, clothing and costumes that integrate the interactive Digital Dudz smartphone app. Morph Costume Co. is owned by AFG Media, which was founded in 2009 by brothers Fraser and Ali Smeaton and friend Gregor Lawson. AFG Media is the operating company behind Morphsuits, the costume phenomenon taking over the world.

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Morph Costume Co.

Top Gear: World’s first transforming costume launches by parking in London’s most expensive parking space

Morph. Costume Co has launched an alternative to playboy bunnies and fake blood just in time for Halloween – the half robot, half racing car transforming costume 

The company behind Morphsuits, Morph Costume Co. has officially launched their one-of-a-kind costume that allows the wearer to fold down into a perfectly formed racing car in seconds. The costume can be worn in an inconspicuous pose or erupt into an imposing robot. To celebrate the launch, one avid fan of the company took to the streets of London to pose in the ‘most expensive parking space’ in the city.  The space, located in London’s super-exclusive Hyde Park Gardens, was on sale for a record £300,000 in August this year.

To launch the transformation of fancy dress as we know it, the costume was taken on a tour around London and stopped off in a petrol station and a bar to refuel. After a long day, there was only one parking space fit for the racing car – so to mark the occasion; the car took its rightful place in the most expensive car parking space in London.

  • Predictions this year state Brits will increase spending on Halloween by up to £40m to a whopping £325m.
  • Morphsuits continues to innovate following the global success of the head to toe spandex suits launched in 2009, by setting the new standard for Halloween celebrations in the UK.
  • Not content with shaking things up with just one quirky addition to the fancy dress scene, Morph Costume Co., also offers Tetris blocks, Saving Private Morph green soldiers and Mr. Men Group Costumes, as well as a range of costumes that incorporate smartphone technology to animate the designs.


Sara McCraight, brand manager, from Morph Costume Co. commented:

“This year, we have really pushed the boundaries of costume innovation, not just with the worlds first transforming car costume, but also by partnering with a NASA scientist to incorporate smartphone technology into the worlds first digital costumes.”

Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphsuits also commented:

“No one else has costumes quite like ours and we’ve seen UK Halloween celebrations get more creative every year – the time has come for Halloween costumes to take it up 10 notches and our latest ranges have done just that.”

In total, five printed pieces make up the costume (chest piece, back piece, two arms and mask) with adjustable Velcro straps, and the costume is available here for just £44.95, with guaranteed delivery before Halloween if you order before 25th October.

This costume is literally the closest you’ll ever get to Megan Fox.

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Miracles for the masses: Morph Costume Co. launches ‘iJesus’ superhero costume with ‘built in miracles’ for Easter

Ahead of Easter, costume developer Morph Costume Co. has taken innovation to a new spiritual level and paid homage to the world’s first superhero with the launch of iJesus, the first ever costume to incorporate built in ‘miracles’, available here. Each costume equips the wearer with the ability to turn water into wine, and also features […]

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