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In August 2013, Morph Costume Co. a new leader in the world of fancy dress was announced. The company also owns Digital Dudz, clothing and costumes that integrate the interactive Digital Dudz smartphone app. Morph Costume Co. is owned by AFG Media, which was founded in 2009 by brothers Fraser and Ali Smeaton and friend Gregor Lawson. AFG Media is the operating company behind Morphsuits, the costume phenomenon taking over the world.

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Morph Costume Co.

Miracles for the masses: Morph Costume Co. launches ‘iJesus’ superhero costume with ‘built in miracles’ for Easter

Ahead of Easter, costume developer Morph Costume Co. has taken innovation to a new spiritual level and paid homage to the world’s first superhero with the launch of iJesus, the first ever costume to incorporate built in ‘miracles’, available here.

Each costume equips the wearer with the ability to turn water into wine, and also features a virtual ‘miracle beam’, visible when viewed through a smartphone using augmented reality technology.

Described as ‘science and religion working in perfect harmony’ the costume has been developed by Morph Costume Co.’s’ creative team, led by an ex-NASA scientist.

Sara McCraight, brand manager, from Morph Costume Co. commented:

“With Easter approaching, we decided to blend art, science and religion for the first time and develop a Jesus superhero costume,” he added. “This is not just another smock and beard combo, this is the first ever costume of a religious icon containing built-in miracles. iJesus comes fully equipped with a luxuriant beard, elegant ‘classic Jesus’ hairstyle, biblical robe, augmented-reality miracle beam, the capacity to turn water into wine and a dash of holy spirit. This is science and religion working in perfect harmony, for once.”

To perform a miracle, two options are available in the costume – the first features a ‘water into wine’ capability, and the second sees the costume emit a miracle beam from a marker on one of the gloves, using augmented reality technology.

Sara continued:

“Our mission is to create costumes that are leaps and bounds ahead of the entire industry, and help our fans have fun. With iJesus, we have mastered a costume for one of the biggest superheroes of all time. If it’s popular, we are ready to build this into a range. Imagine iMoses, iBudda and iMary – or even an augmented reality burning bush.”

Please see below for images of the costume, and miracles in action:

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