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There’s nothing quite like the authentic flavour of Kozel, an award-winning, 4% Czech beer. Brewed in the small Bohemian village of Velké Popovice from only the finest ingredients including Saaz hops, Pilsner malted barley and soft forest spring water. Its well-balanced flavour and delicious hoppy aroma have remained the same since 1874.

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For more information contact:
Elly Barham Marsh, Harriet Evans, Guy Marturano
t. 0203 1279 270
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Push for Pub: Kozel launches pioneering ‘Tap Out’ button to help fans reach their closest Kozel destination

When activated, the new Kozel ‘Tap Out’ button will call a taxi and transport the user straight to their favourite Kozel bar.

Kozel, the flavoursome easy drinking beer, today launches its innovative ‘Tap Out’ button, to help beer lovers and their friends across the country reach their favourite bar or pub as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

  • When pushed, the button will automatically send a taxi direct to your location, picking up a friend along the way.
  • Then upon arrival at the pub you will find two delicious pints of the freshly poured Czech favourite waiting for you both.Kozel are currently trialling the ‘Tap Out’ button with beer fans can get hold of a one by visiting the @Kozel_UK Twitter page, tagging a friend in a tweet using the #PushForPub.
  • Anyone not lucky enough to get the chance to trial the button themselves can still get hold of a delicious pint of Kozel using its innovative Pint Finder App which launched last month. App users can claim two free pints of delicious Kozel at over 200 pubs throughout the country until 22nd July.
  • Kozel will also be offering exclusive rewards and access to exciting events via the Pint Finder App all summer long.
  • To download the app for Android or Apple devices visit: https://kozelpintfinder.co.uk/
  • View the Tap Out button in action here: https://vimeo.com/175340774


Chris McLardie, Brand Director on Kozel commented:

Life’s little complications can sometimes get in the way of a good time. Whether it is a cancelled train, a last minute 5:30pm meeting, or that report your boss requests as you walk out of the door, obstacles can derail our best-laid plans. The Kozel Tap Out button is your ultimate shortcut to good times, getting you and your friend to the pub in comfort and style. Push the button and you could be enjoying a delicious Kozel in minutes. No stress, no fuss, just fun.”

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Summer of Kozel

UK beer lovers fall for flavoursome, easy drinking Premium Czech beer Stocked in over 1,000 UK outlets, Czech lager Kozel, from Velké Popovice is becoming a firm favourite amongst the nation’s beer drinkers. Over the past six months, the brand has enjoyed continued growth thanks to the Kozel Pint Finder app, a series of urban […]

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