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Tucked away in the Swedish countryside, in the small town of Kopparberg, you’ll find a little brewery with unique tastes. Built back in 1882 the Kopparberg Bryggeri, with its traditional red timber falu walls, uses a rare, bubbling source of soft water from the town as the perfect ingredient in our deliciously refreshing fruit ciders. More than 130 years later our brewery remains independent and is today owned by the Bronsman family, and the cider we produce is as uncomplicated as the water in the town: fresh, pure, and very, very refreshing, just the way we like it.

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Take the Kopparberg Line: Kopparberg turns rush hour into ‘mush hour’ with husky rides through London

Take the Kopparberg Line: Kopparberg turns rush hour into ‘mush hour’ with husky rides through London

Swedish cider brand tackles winter drudgery by reinventing the commuter experience, offering husky rides and warm Spiced Apple cider to city workers

Swedish fruit cider brand, Kopparberg, is warming up the winter commute during the festive period by offering husky rides and warm Spiced Apple Kopparberg to workers on their way to and from the office. Dubbed ‘The Kopparberg Line’, the huskies will first provide a shortcut for commuters through London, offering journeys across Kennington Park.

  • In order to book a journey on the Kopparberg line, fans of the cider brand simply need to request a slot on Twitter or Facebook, messaging the Kopparberg UK official accounts using the #KopparbergMushHour hashtag.
  • Those lucky enough to win a trip will also be sent a case of Kopparberg Spiced Apple cider to warm up at home.
  • The campaign is the latest in a range of eccentric ideas from Kopparberg to promote the Spiced Apple cider, the brand has created ‘Kopparbeards’ – individual faux fur and leather beards that fall over the face of drinkers to give the appearance of real facial hair – to help ‘warm up winter’.
  • The Spiced Apple variant is exclusively available at Tesco and ASDA for a limited period.
  • All Kopparberg ciders are brewed in the town of Kopparberg in Sweden, and Spiced Apple is the first variety available in the UK designed to be enjoyed warm or chilled.


Rob Calder, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg, said:

“We wanted to cut through the winter drudgery and offer commuters something warmer and more exciting. Dog sledding is a pretty cool way of getting around in Scandinavia during the winter months, so we thought bringing The Kopparberg Line to London would be a great idea. We’re turning rush hour into mush hour.”

“We think racing across London in a husky sled, with a warm Kopparberg Spiced Apple in hand, is a much better way to travel than the bus or the tube,”

“Spiced Apple is an alternative to the same-old winter drinks, so The Kopparberg Line is an alternative to the same-old winter commute.”

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Kopparberg warms up winter with special edition Kopparbeards for bottles

Kopparberg warms up winter with special edition Kopparbeards for bottles Swedish fruit cider brand, Kopparberg, has given its bottles of fruit cider an extra dash of Swedish style this winter, by adding detachable ‘beards’ to bottles of its new Spiced Apple variety. Available exclusively to Kopparberg fans via a social media competition, the beards are […]

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