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Crafted with the dedication of a Samurai, Kabuto Noodles have all the good bits of instant noodles but really improve on the bad. They’re still quick and easy to make by adding boiling water and there’s no need to keep them in the fridge, but Kabuto Noodles have no additives or preservatives, no sachets or plastic to throw into landfill, just great quality ingredients and tasty Asian-inspired recipes. They’re even named after the Samurai warrior’s armoured helmet – the perfect pot for a steaming bowl of noodle goodness!

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The Kabuto Digital Newsroom is a simple and useful resource for you to keep track of all the latest news stories. High resolution images and complete press releases are available to download from here, and you can connect with our various social media profiles easily. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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Ali Maynard & Lauren Preece
Manifest London
t. 0203 1379270
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Kabuto Noodles

Miley Soyrus: Noodle fans start noodle art trend depicting famous faces

Noodle enthusiasts take to social media profiles with noodle inspired artworks including ‘Ramen Gosling’ , ‘Miley Soyrus’ and Harry Styles of ‘Wok Direction’.

  • Posh instant noodle makers, Kabuto Noodles have been inundated with noodle inspired artworks since inviting aspiring artists and Kabuto lovers to submit their own masterpieces on social media profiles.
  • Using the hashtag ‘#NoodleDoodle’ fans have been sending in all manner of noodle fan art
  • The cleverly titled noodle portraits include; ‘Ramen Gosling’, ‘Miley Soyrus’ and ‘Harry Styles of Wok Direction’ which bear an uncanny resemblance to their celeb.


Kabuto fan, Sarah King commented:

“I love making art in unusual ways, so when I saw Kabuto Noodles’ #NoodleDoodle entries on Facebook I was inspired to create my own noodle masterpieces. Fortunately I’m a huge Kabuto fan so I had enough pots in my kitchen cupboard to make all of my favourite celebs.”

Sarah added:

“Each piece is made entirely from authentic Asian inspired ingredients using Kabuto Noodles for their hair and a mix of soy sauce for the finer details. I’m so pleased with how they turned out and I can’t wait to create some more, maybe I’ll do the rest of Wok Direction next!”


Anticipating a flurry of noodle artworks the brand has today launched a competition on its Instagram and Twitter profiles to find the best noodle pictures. By submitting a picture of their creation using the #NoodleDoodle hashtag, social media fans can win a case of complimentary Kabuto Noodles in the flavour of their choice.

Head of Marketing at Kabuto Noodles, Paul Dazeley commented:

“It all started off as a bit of fun in the Kabuto office doodling faces onto our pots. We never expected our fans to get as involved as they have and Sarah’s works of art are absolutely fantastic, the resemblance is uncanny.”

Paul added:

“We always encourage creativity amongst our fans and we’re predicting big things from our Noodle Doodles. Watch this space.”


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