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The International Wine Challenge (IWC) owned by William Reed Business Media is now in its 35th year. The IWC is accepted as the world's finest and most meticulously judged wine competition which assesses every wine blind and judges each for its faithfulness to style, region and vintage Throughout the rigorous judging processes, each medal winning wine is tasted on three separate occasions by at least 10 different judges and awards include medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and Commended awards

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The International Wine Challenge Digital Newsroom is a simple and useful resource for you to keep track of all the latest news stories. High resolution images and complete press releases are available to download from here, and you can connect with our various social media profiles easily. Suggestions for improvements are welcome.

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International Wine Challenge

Wonton some winning wine pairings for Chinese New Year?

The International Wine Challenge gives you a delicious pairing guide for Chinese New Year!

 With Chinese food fast becoming a national favourite, and Chinese New Year on the 8th of February, why not leave yourself wonton more and try some of our delicious wine pairings?

Whether your order is Perking duck or prawn toast, the International Wine Challenge has got something that will make your taste buds tingle! From a selection of award winning wines we’ve made it easy to find the perfect partner for your Chinese favourites so all you have to do is order. Chop Chop!

Sweet and Sour Pork 

Sweet and Sour PrkThe sweet tangy notes of the sweet and sour pork are complimented by the rich peach and slight oiliness of the Viognier, making them perfect bedfellows. Viognier’s aromatic character and off-dry finish adds richness which makes it an ideal pairing for the sweet sauce.

Why not try.. Saronsbeg Viognier, SA

From.. Selfridges, £16.99


Peking duck 

Peking Duck Wither Hills Marlborough Pinot Noir, 2012New Zealand Pinots offer a supple, ripe and slightly tart, red fruit notes that work to enhance the flavour of the duck and its rich plum sauce accompaniment. The refreshing bite of acidity will leave your palate feeling refreshed.

Why not try.. Wither Hills Pinot Noir 2012

From.. The Wine Society, £10.50


Spicy tofu

Spicy TofuSlightly heavier and richer than its Pinot Grigio counterpart, Pinot Gris offers an aromatic sweetness and acidity that compliments the subtle tofu flavours delivering a balanced, refreshing finish.

Why not try.. M Signature Pinot Gris, 2o13

From.. Morrisons, £8.00


 Beef and black bean sauce

Beef & Black Bean Sauce Marks & Spencer Côtes du Rhône Villages, 2014A soft and juicy Grenache based red with notes or spice and raspberry has enough body and aroma to be the perfect partner to Chinese favourite, beef and black been sauce.

Why not try.. Côtes du Rhône Villages, 2014

From.. Marks & Spencers, £8.50


Prawn toast 

Prawn Toast Prosecco Asda Extra Special Prosecco Brut, NVAs Prosecco leans towards the sweeter end of the spectrum it is the ideal accompaniment to prawns, as it is light enough not to overwhelm their more subtle flavours. Its clean, fresh taste profile leaves the palate refreshed.

Why not try.. Extra Special Prosecco Brut, NV

From.. Asda, £8.25


Prawn with spring onion and ginger 

Praw with Spring OnionA delicious off-dry Riesling famed for its richness and acidity is the perfect partner to a range of Chinese dishes. It goes particularly well with the delicious combination of prawns and ginger.

Why not try.. Mineralstein Riesling, 2014.

From.. Marks & Spencer, £10.00


Kung Pao chicken 

Kung Pao Chicken Sainsbury's Taste the Difference Riverblock Sauvignon Blanc, 2015The fresh, grassy ‘zing’ of the Sauvignon Blanc cuts through the sweetness of the Kung Pao sauce, offering its tangy sauce a sympathetic match and enhancing the garlic based sauce.

Why not try.. Riverblock Sauvignon Blanc, 2015

From.. Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference, £10.00


Chilli Beef

Chilli Beef Barbera d'Asti Asda Extra Special Barbera d'Asti, 2013This fruit-forward, light red with mild tannins, offers strong fruity flavours and aromas. That both compliments and enhances the spicy meaty beef.

Why not try.. Extra Special Barbera d’Asti, 2013, £10.00

From.. Asda, £5.00


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