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Hailo is the evolution of the hail - a free smartphone app which puts people just two taps away from a licensed vehicle, and lets drivers get more passengers when they want them. A Hailo hail is accepted around the world every two seconds from Hailo’s global network of over 60,000 drivers and more than a million passengers. Launched in November 2011, Hailo is available in London, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, all across Ireland, Madrid, Barcelona, Osaka and Singapore. Hailo has carried over twenty million passengers and grown to annualized sales of well over $100M. Founded by three taxi drivers and three internet entrepreneurs, Hailo has raised $100M from the best investors anywhere, including Union Square Ventures, Accel Partners, Wellington Partners, Atomico Ventures and Sir Richard Branson. Hailo is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Simply search on "Hailo".

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Future Cities Report reveals the changing nature of our relationship with the city through technology as Hailo unveils it’s ambitions for putting business customers back into black cabs though new innovations, and opens up in Liverpool, Leeds and Singapore

Hailo is used to find a cab every two seconds, and has carried over 20 million passengers. Now, as the app celebrates three years since it revolutionised hailing a cab, it is launching a raft of new features set to make life even easier for passengers and drivers. The new functionality also aims to put business users firmly back in the back of iconic, trusted black cab.

The future city will revolve around us, through innovative technology

  •  Dubbed #FutureLondon, Hailo’s first keynote was held in East London, the original home of the Hackney Carriage and was attended by hundreds of drivers, passengers, business users and developers
  • The report unveiled at the event found that the tech we carry with us is giving more control over what we do, and allowing us to adapt the city to our needs rather than the other way around
  • Leading futurologists, Mark Brill and Ian Pearson, who wrote the Hailo Future Cities report, found that by enabling shorter communications that fit with our busy ‘always on’ lives, our smartphones are blurring the divide between work, rest and play
  • The report identifies this as a key trend which will influence how we see ourselves and others in a future city defined by connectivity and apps.

The key observations in the Hailo Future Cities report highlight:

We will live in an ‘always on’ culture –  In the future, the concept of going to and from work will erode, as will the divide between work and life.

Currency will be reimagined – As more apps deliver more efficient payment options, services can be used as payment in themselves and the idea of currency, price and value will be more fluid.

Owning a car will be a thing of the past – Getting a taxi is already easier, faster and cheaper than owning a car in many cities. The alternatives to owning a vehicle offer heightened freedom and security.

Digital will enhance our real-world communities – Changing definitions of privacy and sharing, combined with the internet of things and big data will enhance real life situations and help us understand one another more.

We will become the destination – Traveling will become something that happens between people or groups, rather than venues and landmarks.

Driving a cashless society

  • New technologies are giving us more freedom to travel safely and efficiently around the city and one in seven people in the UK (14%) claim they now book all of their transport via their smartphone
  • People in the UK are becoming more reliant on their smartphone for navigation with one in six (16%) claiming they would be unable to get around an unknown city without using a navigation app
  • Hailo has today officially gone live in two new UK cities, Liverpool and Leeds, and launched in Singapore, which marks the next step on the Hailo journey.

Making life that little bit easier

One constant theme throughout the Future Cities report is that technology is making life that little bit easier for people. With over half (52%) of Brits reporting that they feel like they have less spare time than ten years ago, people are using technology for every aspect of their lives as they look for increased convenience. Nearly one in five (18%) report that advances in technology have meant that their life is easier now.


Speaking at the keynote, Tom Barr, CEO, Hailo said,

“Celebrating our third year has a unique meaning for us at Hailo. In London most cabbies work for 3 years or more to gain the Knowledge before they can drive a london black cab. This is why when someone gets in the back of a London cab they can comfortably sit back and surf their mobile device with no concern that the best and fastest route will be taken. We believe our customers can feel the same way about our three years of building our knowledge. We have created a great service and delivered millions of people to their destination.”

At the keynote, Gary Bramall, Chief Marketing Officer, Hailo, announced a raft of innovative new features to meet the future needs of the city.

Pay with Hailo liberates the customer to hail on the street and pay using their Hailo account when using any of our 14,000 strong fleet.” Bramall stated. “Customers can also now seamlessly switch between their personal and company cards with Hailo for Business while Hailo Hub allows multiple bookings for clients, guests and customers.”

Bramall continued:

“Asia in particular signals a market where we can start to see car ownership becoming a thing of the past as we find faster, cheaper more efficient ways to support an increase in city migration and tackle wider world environmental issues.”

“For many people, Hailo has become an important tool that enables a more fluid lifestyle and is part of the technology ecosystem that deems the work/life balance obsolete” said futurologist Ian Pearson. “People don’t search for a free cab, it finds them. Getting a cab ceases to be a task in itself, and drops into the foundations of city life – we’ll see more everyday tasks like this evolve in the future.”


To watch the live stream of the Hailo keynote head to https://www.hailocab.com/futurelondon from 4.30pm on Thursday 23rd October 2014.


For more information on the new Hailo product features, please visit:

Pay with Hailo


Sometimes you need to hail off the street – say after a match, a concert or a night out – and now when you do, you can pay directly with your Hailo account. From now on, you won’t need to fumble through your wallet, save tiny receipts, or swipe a credit card. Hail down your driver, connect with in the cab by tapping the Pay with Hailo button, set your tip, and step out of the taxi as soon as you reach your destination. As always, you’ll receive an electronic receipt.

Next time you’re in a taxi, open Hailo, tap the Pay with Hailo icon in the top right hand corner, then select your driver. When you reach your destination, hop out. You’re good to go.

Hailo Hub


Hailo Hub is our new web-based tool which allows you to book taxis on behalf of others. If you’re a hotel, office, bar, restaurant or business, Hailo Hub will let you offer your customers a cab whenever they want.

With Hailo Hub, you can now seamlessly book multiple rides for your guests with individual pick-up and drop-off points. We’ll let them know in real-time by SMS when their cab is arriving. Customers can jump in and pay for their ride by cash or with Hailo. There’s no more waiting on hold with taxi companies to book a cab for your guests.


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