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Fetch is a standalone online pet store currently stocking more than 6,000 products, ranging from food and treats to specialist healthcare products, toys, bed accessories and much more for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds as well as smaller animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and even chickens.

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Celebrate National Puppy Day with Fetch

It’s all about our four-legged friends today

March 23rd marks National Puppy Day in America and as with lots of the good stuff America starts (hot dogs, doughnuts, pancakes) we’ve quickly jumped on the bandwagon over here in the UK. National Puppy Day is a celebration of man’s best friend so in honour of those little bundles of joy Fetch has shared their advice to make sure they’re happy in their new home.


  • Invest in a pen or crate. They’re a good way to protect your home and give your pet a space of their own to eat and sleep.
  • Choose a spot to keep a puppy pad that is easily accessible. This will encourage your pup to go to the same spot and minimise mess. Little accidents do happen, so be patient with them.
  • Your new puppy should have been wormed before they were given to you. Continue applying the worming treatment when they arrive. For more information, take a look at the Fetch Guide to Worming and consult your vet for advice on treatment if you are unsure.


  • Puppies will need to be fed a specific diet for their age group – this gives them all the nutrients and vitamins they need for healthy growth.
  • Talk to their breeder or seller to find out the brand of food they have been eating, what time they feed and the amount of food they are given per portion. It is best to continue the same plan once your new pet has arrived to avoid an upset tummy.
  • Our Harringtons Puppy & Junior Treats Rich in Chicken, Rice & Oats (£2.00) are also rich in calcium which is great for their teeth and bones.
  • If you do want to change their food, do so gradually to minimise stress and any tummy upsets.. Remember, food should be given little and often as their tummies are small.


  • Puppies naturally have a lot of energy and want to explore their new territory so toys are a great way to keep them occupied.
  • Our Fat Cat Mini Puppy Teethers (£9.99) are perfectly sized for small dogs and puppies. Mini puppy teethers give them something to chew on. Super soft for snuggling, yet armed with some seriously chew worthy parts, Puppy Teethers will keep your dog’s mouth busy and their tail wagging.
  • The Nylabone Puppy Teething Keys (£6.49) are also great for teething puppies to chew on. Made from soft, thermoplastic polymer to satisfy the chewing instinct of teething puppies and encouraging non-destructive chewing.


  • Until puppies are old enough to be walked outside, they will need to get used to a lightweight collar and lead – your house and garden are good places to practise using these.
  • Try our Little Rascals Puppy Collar & Lead Set (£6.49), available in blue or pink. This is an ideal starter set, easily adjustable to accommodate a growing puppy.
  • Alternatively if you want to allow your puppy to have a little more freedom without letting them off the lead you can try our Clix Long Line Lead (£6.49 – £10.49). The CLIX Recall Line allows the dog to be seemingly free yet remain under control. An essential tool for recall training and ideal to allow controlled socialisation of puppies and young dogs.

Click here to see the full range of puppy products.

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