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Dunlop Adhesives is a specialist manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts, finishing, and ancillary products and continually works to provide peace of mind for builders' merchants and their customers. Its technical helpline, e-learning portal & 10 year guarantee are favourites within the building sector.

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Dunlop Adhesives survey reveals growing appetite for DIY (as long as it’s not the big jobs!)

Having conducted a survey of 2000 people across the country, Dunlop Adhesives, the specialist manufacturer of adhesives, grouts, finishing and ancillary products, has found that nearly 90% of people will try their hand at DIY. The survey highlights the fact that consumers are still apprehensive about taking on traditional trade jobs, with 50% stating that they would never attempt plastering and over 80% stating they would never attempt major plumbing or electrical work.

  • The survey was part of Dunlop’s research into the nation’s attitudes towards DIY, and produced a number of intriguing statistics
  • While 11% of people said that they would never attempt DIY, 36% said that they would always attempt it, meaning that 53% would judge a job on its merits
  • Even so, the majority of these DIY attempts would be jobs such as painting and decorating (which 88% of people would attempt) and putting up shelving (which 63% would attempt), with only 19% willing to give plastering a go and 40% happy to tile
  • Other results revealed the generational differences in how and where people look for DIY guidance
  • While 73% of 18 to 24 year-olds would look to the Internet for DIY advice, that figure drops to 54% amongst 55-65 year-olds and 43% in over 65 year-olds, further emphasising the technological divide
  • While over 50% of 18 to 34 year-olds would prefer to make use of YouTube demo videos, those over 45 years old are far more reliant on traditional ‘how-to’ guides and product information


Debi Bailey, Brand Manager of Dunlop Adhesives, commented:

In many ways these survey results have proven that attitudes to DIY are changing. On one hand, increasing numbers of people, perhaps encouraged by the resources that the Internet provides, would consider doing DIY jobs but, on the other, it has re-enforced the fact that most people appreciate the expertise of a tradesmen – and will leave the big jobs to a professional. Obviously, in an economic climate that’s still struggling, people want to save money, but it seems that many recognise that sometimes it is more of a risk not to get a true tradesmen to do complex work

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Award winners! Building Adhesives scoops prestigious Manufacturing Excellence award

Building Adhesives, specialist manufacturer of tile adhesives, grouts, finishing and ancillary products, manufacturing the BAL and Dunlop brands, has won the Natwest Award for Business Development and Change Management in the prestigious 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Awards. Entry into the awards provided a means of benchmarking the company’s business, as well as underpinning its operational improvement. […]

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