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This social media app allows you to meet new people around you, share your contact details, and see which friends are nearby. Share your contact information seamlessly using personalized profile cards. Always remember when and where you meet new people to ensure you never forget how you know, who you know.

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CrumbTrail app discovers women are the biggest fakers.

New app CrumbTrail  has discovered that the UK is a nation of phonebook fakers with a recent survey revealing that more than half of us (56 percent) have given out a phone number and then regretted it later while nearly one third (30 percent) have resorted to giving out fake numbers.

  • The biggest fakers were women with nearly twice as many women as men admitted to using a false number in order to avoid an awkward situation.
  • Interestingly, men and women aged 30-39 are most likely to offer a fake number when asked, perhaps indicating their more extensive life experience over their younger counterparts.
  • CrumbTrail, an iOS app to manage ‘how you know, who you know,’ is perfect for that regret filled morning-after moment as it enables you to delete your contact information from another person’s phone.
  • For people still wishing to pretend they are someone else on a night out, CrumbTrail’s custom profiles allow users to provide an entirely separate identity to their personal or professional profile.
  • CrumbTrail makes contact management easier and transforms the traditional phone book from a basic directory with limited functionality into a valuable tool to manage professional and private networks, dynamically update contact information, and connect with individuals and groups.
  • CrumbTrail’s capabilities include contact filters, notification centre, contact restore, memory area and profile sharing.


Eren Erman, founder and CEO of CrumbTrail stated:

“It’s clear that both men and women currently feel the need to give out fake phone numbers in order to avoid awkward social situations. CrumbTrail puts the user back in control of who has their contact information and what they can see. It is rich with features yet simple, fun and easy to use.”

CrumbTrail is now available to download globally from iTunes for free for a limited time

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New app CrumbTrail launches free for iOS devices

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