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This social media app allows you to meet new people around you, share your contact details, and see which friends are nearby. Share your contact information seamlessly using personalized profile cards. Always remember when and where you meet new people to ensure you never forget how you know, who you know.

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Putting a place to a name: the value of effective networking

New app, CrumbTrail, has discovered that many of the UK’s business professionals are in danger of losing valuable business contacts. Research revealed today has found that 58 percent of people have names in their phonebook for people who they either can’t remember or are unsure why they were added in the first place.

  • A third (33 percent) of people have more than four contacts stored in their mobile phone that they do not recognise and nearly one in 10 (9 percent) has more than 10 unidentifiable contacts. Interestingly, the salary that people earn appears to have a big impact on the number of unidentifiable contacts a person has. Almost one in five (19 percent) people earning over £40,000 has more than 10, double the average, perhaps suggesting that higher earning people are more frequent networkers.
  • CrumbTrail, an iOS app to manage ‘how you know, who you know’, is helping business professionals make the most of successful networking events, ensuring contacts are not forgotten by adding context to each.
  • CrumbTrail makes contact management easier and transforms the traditional phonebook from a basic directory with limited functionality into a valuable tool to manage professional and private networks, dynamically update contact information, and connect with individuals and group.
  • From auto tagging of date/time and location to adding private notes and images, CrumbTrail ensures you always remember who you met and why you added them in your phone. Users can easily create and share custom business profiles via a simple drag and drop mechanism within the app, putting the user in control of the information shared with different contacts


Eren Erman, founder and CEO of CrumbTrail, stated:

“These results highlight that existing mobile phonebooks do not offer a satisfactory service for professionals who need to store a lot of business contacts. If you think about how networking takes place, it often begins by adding information about someone you met into your phone. By adding context to contacts such as when and where they met, who they are, and what they look like, CrumbTrail makes it simple for users to recall who their contacts are and manage them effectively. This in turn means that business users have a greater number of people to follow up with, increasing the effectiveness of networking.”

CrumbTrail is now available to download globally from iTunes for free for a limited time

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CrumbTrail app discovers women are the biggest fakers.

New app CrumbTrail  has discovered that the UK is a nation of phonebook fakers with a recent survey revealing that more than half of us (56 percent) have given out a phone number and then regretted it later while nearly one third (30 percent) have resorted to giving out fake numbers. The biggest fakers were women with […]

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New app CrumbTrail launches free for iOS devices

New app CrumbTrail launched on iTunes helps you to remember where, when and how you met the contacts in your phonebook.  CrumbTrail, a free  iOS app designed to help you remember ‘how you know, who you know’, has launched to make networking and contact management easier.  The app transforms the traditional phonebook from a basic […]

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