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This social media app allows you to meet new people around you, share your contact details, and see which friends are nearby. Share your contact information seamlessly using personalized profile cards. Always remember when and where you meet new people to ensure you never forget how you know, who you know.

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New app CrumbTrail launches free for iOS devices

New app CrumbTrail launched on iTunes helps you to remember where, when and how you met the contacts in your phonebook. 

CrumbTrail, a free  iOS app designed to help you remember ‘how you know, who you know’, has launched to make networking and contact management easier.  The app transforms the traditional phonebook from a basic directory with limited functionality reliant on human memory into a invaluable tool to manage professional and private contacts. As well as adding context to a contact such as where you met, when you met and adding notes to help the user remember the reason they added the contact, another clever little function on CrumbTrail allows users to delete their number from another persons phonebook if they decide they no longer give permission for them to have their number anymore.

Key features include;

  •  Contact filters – Search your CrumbTrail phonebook by the date or location the contact was added, by keyword tags or categorized groups, and by your friends current address location.
  •  Notifications Centre – Keep your contacts updated in real time. A notification is sent to CrumbTrail when a contact updates their details, adds new information, or removes information.
  • Contact restore – save your contacts to the CrumbTrail cloud so you never lose your contacts and the unique information for each.
  • Memory area – Always remember how you met someone. Each contact has a memory area where you can add private notes or images alongside date/time and location where you met to ensure you always remember why that person is in your phone.
  • Profile sharing – Create custom profiles cards for business or personal use and control the information you share with others based on the occasion.  CrumbTrail enables users to share this information seamlessly by simply dragging, dropping and sharing profiles through the app. No more manual contact entry!


Eren Erman, founder and CEO of CrumbTrail stated:

“Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn have become an integral part of our networking DNA. Our ability to meet new people via various communication outlets means we now have more contacts to manage than ever before.  Phone books on smart phones however have failed to keep pace and still organise contacts in alphabetical order.  Our brain remembers the people we meet in a different way.  We’re more likely to remember where, when or how we met someone than their name or title and the traditional phonebook doesn’t take this into account.  CrumbTrail answers this problem providing context around the people you meet and ensuring we always remember why we added that person in our phone.”

Eren continued:

“The idea for CrumbTrail came from my own experiences travelling and working around the world.  It got to the stage where I had over 2,000 contacts in my phonebook and no way of remembering where I met them or why I added them to my phonebook in the first place.  It’s much easier to remember a person’s face, the place where we met, or something we had in common rather than their name, phone number or business title.  CrumbTrail was developed with this in mind.”

CrumbTrail is now available to download globally from iTunes for free for a limited time.

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