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Club Cleo is the revolutionary name behind home-use natural health & beauty treatments. With 3 key products at its core; the Cleo Q Face & Body toning system, Cleo Q Discreet Pelvic Exerciser & Cleo Active Leg Therapy; as well as its selection of skincare treatments and new Probiotic skincare range, Cleo has been helping women look good and feel great for over 2 decades.

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Leggy Southerner vs. toned tummy Northerner: the North-South divide

… 48% of London ladies want to firm the thighs vs. 47% for tummy toning in Leeds

After hitting the streets in London and Leeds to talk to its customers, health and beauty innovator, Club Cleo, has identified the key trends in the North and the South when it comes to toning up problem areas. With leggy Southerners being more conscious about their thighs despite the running around that accompanies London living, Northerners want to tone up their tummies and enjoy indulging without the tell-tale signs.

  • Roving the streets with a life sized Cleo doll to pinpoint the problem areas of hundreds of women across the country, a cross section of the fairer sex between the ages of 25-70 years old were asked which areas (if any!) they’d like a helping hand with

Here’s how the stats stacked up…

  • North
    47% want to tone up their tum
    15% want to firm the thighs
    12% dreamt of a firmer face
    8% want perkier breasts
    9% want to banish bingo wings
    9% want a firmer bottom
  • South
    48% want to tone their thighs
    22% want a washboard stomach
    18% want firmer breasts
    8% want a pert bottom
    4% hate their bingo wings
    No issues with the face!
  • With the majority of the over 40s in the South aspiring for their breasts to stay as perk as Jennifer Anniston’s, it was the under 30s and over 60s who wanted to battle the stomach bulge
  • In stark contrast, the stomach was the main concern for the 40-50 year olds in the North with women wanting to be much more Tess Daly than Dawn French
  • Less visible frown lines, crows feet and puffiness on the face, alongside a brighter complexion, were also common concerns in the North whereas the face fared well in the South
  • The 25-35 year olds in the North and South placed the same level of importance on firming up their thighs


Janine Kay, Managing Director of Club Cleo, said:
All women have their insecurities but being comfortable in your own skin is absolutely vital to your wellbeing and happiness. We spoke to women of all different shapes, sizes and ages, to ask how they felt and which areas (if any) they’d like a helping hand with. When you’re a consumer brand you can’t beat interacting with your customer; getting their feedback is crucial to the success of your business.

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