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Club Cleo is the revolutionary name behind home-use natural health & beauty treatments. With 3 key products at its core; the Cleo Q Face & Body toning system, Cleo Q Discreet Pelvic Exerciser & Cleo Active Leg Therapy; as well as its selection of skincare treatments and new Probiotic skincare range, Cleo has been helping women look good and feel great for over 2 decades.

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Maintain mobility and combat DVT this summer

With 1-3 in every 1,000 people having a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) every year in the UK, those most at risk are said to be the over 40s, the immobile and those travelling long distance, which puts summer jet setters on the at risk list. With holidays on the horizon, the over 40s are looking for alternative ways to improve circulation and maintain healthy looking legs.

  • Fluid retention, swollen ankles and feet, and varicose veins can also be the result of lack of activity, which is increasingly common in today’s society
  • With flight socks only acting as a seasonal remedy, natural health and beauty pioneer, Club Cleo, has developed a computerised leg conditioning system which mobilises blood flow to boost circulation
  • Through using lightweight leggings to perform a simple 20 minute air compression massage therapy, it gives people healthier, more comfortable and more attractive legs all year round
  • Cleo Active can be used from the comfort of the home regularly to revitalise tired, aching legs, improve circulation, alleviate aches and pains, and reduce swelling
  • It also encourages the removal of toxins through the lymphatic system, increases mobility and movement, and encourages relaxation
  • The leggings work by mimicking the pumping action of exercise
  • Until now, this leg remedy has only been available from hospitals and physiotherapists


Club Cleo customer, Mrs. Clephane, said of the Cleo Actives:
I bought Cleo Active specifically to improve very poor circulation for both pre and post long haul flights as I am no longer very mobile and I was very worried about DVT. I fly to see my daughter/family in USA quite often so I am delighted how well this works, particularly so as flight socks/stockings do not work for me.

Janine Kay, Managing Director of Club Cleo comments:
As summer approaches, more and more people start thinking about getting in shape, and legs are always a main concern, especially if they want to see the sun. Varicose veins, spider veins and aching legs need to be eradicated and, for people with limited mobility, or merely those that don’t have the time or inclination to go for a walk or a jog after work, this isn’t always easy. The Cleo Active has been designed to stimulate the muscles and aid blood flow, to make sure people of any age and any condition, can have healthy, comfortable legs without having to take regular exercise.


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Protect skin against winter chills with cotton beauty masks

Now that summer has been and gone, skin will soon be feeling the full effect of the wintry weather. Health and beauty pioneer, Club Cleo, suggests introducing a facial mask to your weekly beauty regime to keep skin nourished and protected against harsh climate conditions and ensure it stays looking soft and smooth throughout the […]

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